You may remember this slogan from a few years ago.
What is so daily then?
Always some art project going on! Painting brings
us to the places we dream of. This is near
a waterfall at Yosemite Nat. Park.
Tue Travel


Right now, I am grateful that

life is so daily

because if it wasn’t I would go bonkers having
no daily distractions, while
in the middle of downsizing,
and the living room and garage transformed
in a sea of boxes!
One-Liner Wednesday



Always some talk going on, about something
one of us has discovered!
If you are married to a psychologist,
you are going to talk, like it or not (cheeky smile).



On most months of the year, there is always someone’s
birthday being celebrated, except for April and December.
Trailing behind my family with the camera,
who only think of getting fast to the galato shop
DutchGTN – action

This means we keep up with all the Spring-y,
read rosy days –
Floral Fri Foto, Makro Tex-February, FOTD


As well as all the little family adventures
and dramas:)
PhotoAWeek: Eyes


Not daily, but yearly:)

The anniversary (last week) we usually keep simple.
First lunch – delicious crepes. He has a dessert-, while
she thesavory one. After that, coffee and an Italian dessert,
somewhere else.




It has been a quirky romantic life with much travel
and many changes.
A 3rd continent, a 4th country!
Not anymore like that of most psychologists,
who work way too much, not taking time off to regroup.
Didn’t mind the stress, but am glad
no more deadlines
of reports, tests, staff meetings, being on call, etc..
Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflection



Wordless Wednesday




Join the fun of sharing your experience

Sunny, cloudy, stormy, ugly, heavenly
photo link open from Sunday – Friday noon




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  1. A great series of mages, Jesh and I must say that last one was my absolute fave!
    Be patient through your trying times…
    Thanks for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


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