An event I have been waiting for is the sale of this museum.
When we moved up here five years ago, it was for sale.
We pass it every time we go Sacramento and back.
This is one of the 2 gates .and there is an iron fence
all around the property
Thurs. Door



Wordless Wednesday



Five years have come and gone, and the museum
and its grounds are  still “for sale!”
Weekly Smile



It’s very pretty at night, because the Ferris wheel is moving
and they have it lighted.
During Christmas time, a lighted Ferris wheel and a lighted
star of the same size looks like passing a fairy tale.
One time they put up a sign “Do you want to live in a castle?’
I had never noticed, but then I saw a castle
on the right side in the background.

Thurs. Door (of the white  shack in the middle)


My One-liner for Wednesday is Do you want to live in a castle?
And another door in the middle for Thurs. Door.

If you had the financial means, would you buy this piece of property with the castle, and all the animal statues? (I won’t hold you to your “yes,” haha)
One-Liner Wednesday, Thurs. Door




This needs some serious restoration!
Looking at the brick work it must be
over a 100 years old!
PhotoAWeek, One Word Sunday



Camellia hubby captured
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD



This abstract at the Hortus gardens (Holland)
has the same effect on me
as a still life (outside). I need to admire
its beauty for some moments.
Makro-Tex, Tue Travel



Sky Watch and Sun Tree




My guess is, a castle requires a pond with waterlilies!
Reflection is in the Huntington Library Gardens in Pasadena. CA
Weekend Reflection



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27 thoughts on “DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A CASTLE?

  1. I’ve never wanted to live in a castle, but I could see that someone might. All things Real Estate sell, if the price is set right, so my guess is the owners aren’t really ready to sell.


  2. Romantic to think about living there, Jesh, but I bet the cold hard reality may be another matter. One is sure to expect spending 20 times the sale amount in order to make the place habitable!
    Thank you for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


  3. What a find. I hope some one does buy it and invests in it to do it up. But for me, no. A castle would be too much work. Happy to air b7b in one over night tho….


  4. If I ever wanted to live in a castle, I doubt if that is the one…

    Silly question, but this isn’t Neverland Ranch, is it? From the last photos of Neverland I saw, most the carnival rides were gone, but the ferris wheel was still up… If it is Neverland, you couldn’t pay me to live in it!


  5. I like that property, but I cannot imagine how much it would cost to maintain that! It is a beauty! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.


  6. That does look like a beautiful property, but so much more to consider than just the financial means to buy it. Good location? Good neighbors? Property taxes? And the big one – how much would it cost to maintain a large property like that (I’m sure a lot!!). It’s fun to dream, though.


    1. Didn’t see what on my blog? I have never posted about that building. I have only admired it while driving by. And I have always lamented the fact that there was a fence around it.

      Anyway nice post. I just thought I recognized that building in between all of your other photos. Have a great day.


    1. Ha! Well, I know this might come as shock to you but I do have a life outside of blogging and occasionally it takes precedence over chatting online. Mea culpa.


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