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Some areas in California are always busy. There
are so many things  that may speak to someone
in the way of relaxation.
The Santa Barbara area is one of these areas.

Interesting views while traveling
on the way,  looking down



 Enjoying the romantic blooms



Anything that floats will do for the restless younger ones



Some rather park at the dreamy waterside and
watch the boats and boat owners



Others gravitate toward places where people are  –
the Market outside, the shops, and restaurants



It may be sunny and warm inside town, but on the 101 coast Highway it is often foggy and windy. This does not seem to deter people from spending the weekend though:)
Here, driving back out to the freeway, a little blurry
because a sharp wind barrels through the palms


Do you have an outing you enjoy,
no matter what the weather is like?


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25 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS- RELAXING

  1. I too like anything that floats but can’t quite fit my fat butt into a kayak, lol. Hope things are going well for you this week. Stay healthy, J.


  2. It has been raining here, so happy that the heatwave is offer. Lovely photos. The first one is gorgeous. The view looks amazing. I love waterside photos. The blue of the water is so relaxing.


  3. When we visited the US, Santa Barbara was one of our favourite cities in California, Jesh. Places that I love no matter what the season in Melbourne are our parks. We are fortunate to have many right throughout the city and it is always a pleasure to walk there.


  4. Santa Barbara is fun place to be. One of these days, the Husband and I want to take the train from San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara. It’s the only way to see coast near there. Your photos are sweet and sharp, Jesh. Did you get a new camera?


  5. There are times I like to take photos from fast-moving vehicles — for the abstract image. Yours came out well even the whipping wind. Thank you for sharing your collage; they are always an interesting grouping.


  6. Beautiful traveling you share! Santa Barbara is beautiful. We used to think we would like to spend some time there when we were RVers but never made it for more than a few days en route to somewhere else.


  7. Weather has to be verging on atrocious to keep me in, and even then I generally go out for at least a brief period. As for an outing that I enjoy regardless of the weather, anywhere that has intact natural features and few people.


    1. Ally, that exactly the reason why California stays number one on my list! I am pretty patient with people, but landscapes and views I get easily bored:)


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