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A Happy GREEN DAY for all of you who celebrate St. Patrick’s day:)

It is a slow climb to get to the top of the downsizing mountain. Slowed down by hubs having to change is diet, and a sprained ankle. Now this corona virus may slow us down in selling our house, when everyone screams to avoid contact with people. We’re contemplating putting if off
for a month.
Other than that, I am upbeat, in a good mood, and healthy:):)

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Am having a longing for colors and the warmth of the sun that is seen in the South West corner of the USA

Don’t you love the patterns, designs and colors of
the floor, ceiling and walls? Even the peculiar iron work




The ever abundant growth of the pretty Bougainvillea.
In my country of origin you see them behind glass
(in green houses)



The relaxed atmosphere of a harbor





Have you ever seen this plant with these colorful branches?




Old, new, rusted or well preserved, whatever
boat you have, it’s here, to spend a day on the water!



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  1. Holy cow, I left a comment and I think Word Press ate it! I hope you continue to be optimistic and notice all the pretty things around you.


  2. Happy Tuesday. Ready for Sun and warmth that begs one to go outdoors. So far, just rain and gloomy clouds. Have a happy week. Stay well. 🙂


  3. There are two houses on our street that are for sale, having gone on the market in the last week or so. I can only imagine that people aren’t inclined to go house shopping during this pandemic, but who knows? At least you’re heading in the direction you want to go with your downsizing, so that’s a good thing. I like your photos. It’s been a long gray winter here so any color is appreciated.


  4. I can see you are looking forward to the summer, as we leave it behind here and move in autumn. The “virus” is hitting everyone hard. I hope you get through it unscathed and that you sell your house. I would love to be living in that one in your first pic – though the stairs might be difficult in older years! Have a great week. Stay healthy. And thank you again for the link up.


  5. I love the first photo Jesh! I can feel the warmth here… Frightening & serious times… Stay well.


  6. Lovely series. I didn’t realize you two were planning to move. We did that so long ago I’ve almost forgotten how hard it is! We’ve never been sorry. Best wishes for all to go well. … yes, this virus makes it hard to know what to do about a lot of stuff these days. We are living in interesting times for sure!


  7. Didn’t post last week, nothing to write about. Back this week!

    Downsizing was an exercise that I enjoyed!!


  8. The wiggly wrought iron is unique and a bit disorienting, as if the scene is viewed as a reflection in a puddle. The ziz-zag floor tiles add to the experience, The overall effect is very oil-painterly.


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