If I would live close, I would come here at least once a month,
a little paradise in the midst of the suburbs of Los Angeles,
far from traffic and noise.
Even the parking places of cars are far enough,
that one can’t hear the cars coming and going..


Roses, roses, roses




Wordless Wednesday, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto



Roses are often used as a symbol of love. What One Word Photo and
Makro-Tex asked for: communication and positive
thinking, They are in my view very close to
that concept. Am thanking them for that,
for especially now nothing is reached
with avoidance or
pretending things are “fine.”
We need to embrace reality and accept it,
seeing things in a positive light.
My imperfect capture says:
of one heart, and one mind
One Word Sun, Makro Tex



Related to this Photo a Week asked for
“Up in the Air.” If we stay in a position of
“one heart and mind” (above),
Out of this “chaos” will come something
beautiful, like fireworks. Yes, the sparks are flying.
It may not as we planned or hoped for,
and we may lose someone
we love, but we cannot let it reign
our lives.We, the living cannot fear.
We need to go on.
Up in the Air – PhotoAWeek




 When you visit the Chinese Garden
at the Huntington Library, it is clear
that it is catered to Western
culture. Beautiful wood work, and the finishes
on the wood, the paths
and almost anything is much more refined
than in mainland China.
Thurs. Doors



Does it look like a beaver dam here?
Anyways, I’m showing the reflections here:)
Weekend Reflection




Coming to the ONE LINER
When I told one of our visitors that we often saw bikers,
even groups up to 50 of them on this road to Nevada,
he smiled (later I found out he rides a motor bike himself),
and making the movement of going around corners with a bike,
he agreed, “Yeah this is biker country!”
One-Liner, Sky Watch, Tue Travel




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27 thoughts on “ROSES AND BIKERS

  1. Gorgeous blossom and the roses are beautiful. It looks like great biking country – we used to have a motorbike many years ago and in some ways I miss it, but the roads are so small and crowded in the UK and we are much older so it’s more comfy by car!!


  2. Ahh, that kind of biker, since I’ve dusted off my bicycle I wasn’t thinking in terms of motorized vehicles. That’s an interesting observation about the Chinese Garden at the library, it seems as if many cultures are westernized in ways we don’t see.
    I hope you and your family are doing all right. How is your son?
    Love the rosy archway.
    Stay chill, my friend.


    1. Yes, I can imagine any country far off feels like a dream right now! Aren’t you glad especially now that you decided to go to New York? No one can take the experience away from you!
      One thing that helps right now, is that snow keeps falling (right now while I am writing), so I don’t even want to go outside! How are you doing with the whole situation?


  3. Beautiful photos. I love the reference to the Biker Country. I work with a non-profit that does trail work among other things and the mountain bikers are all about the flow of a trail, the side to side, up and down, all done harmoniously.


  4. Definite communication, Jesh. We are all going to need good and supportive communication in the next weeks and months. Outcome and time taken are a mystery to everyone I think.
    Take care!


  5. The roses shall bloom this summer too, they don’t care about this apocalypse. The nature helps us stay positive. Beautiful photos, stay well Jesh.


  6. Was that a row of turtles sunning on the beaver dam lookalike?

    I loved your last image and the thought about it being biker country. We see a lot on the way to and from Baby Girl’s house too.


    1. To tell you the truth, it’s too small for my eyes to make out what it is.Have to catch those bikers sometime with the camera – that would be one to show my friends in Holland, lol. Saw your email, will answer it later this week. Still catching up from the snow and power outage at the same time from Sunday till yesterday 5 pm!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh man! What a drag to be without power for so many days! I went through that several times in San Jose, but knock on wood…not here yet.

      Looking forward to receiving your news via email! xx


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