Who thinks about the pandemic (well, maybe you do, lol)  if you can participate with All Seasons? Many many thanks for your faithfulness and purposefully making the best of it in the middle of restrictions! Applaudable!

Last week Saturday night it started snowing and went on the whole Sunday till 6+ inches. Already in the beginning the electricity went out because of a power line had gone down, and lasted till Tuesday 5 pm. Luckily I had just posted for All Seasons, but could only start responding to you on Tuesday evening.

Am thankful that we have the woodstove for heat and a gas cooking stove, so our life is not disrupted. It took till Friday to find solutions for the food shortage (of certain items) and that is my last word about it!!


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Still sightseeing in the South

Buildings have a lot to say about the culture.This is a melting pot of styles and details, squished in the South, near the border. Overall it is not that vicious edgy life that the media makes it out to be. Not even in Hollywood. These are just these few anomalies which the media makes it sound like that is the going trend…




With the Mexican inspired building styles
the arches are often embellished on top



There are plenty modern style buildings.
I don’t like high rises, but I thought this
was a fun building.



These towers were the talk of the town, when they were built in San Diego. Ultra modern, and almost Disney like.




Before entering the North side of
Los Angeles, we pass stunning Lake Hughes.



The sun’s shimmer on the water




Transportation also marks a culture.
Waiting for a green light. Any kind of motor cycle. The last two definitely are not the kind you buy at a shop! With the third one, I hesitate to classify it as common” or not. Since they show a license plate, it means that they have been through all kinds of testing procedures and commissions.
In the USA we don’t see scooters as much as in Europe or Asia,
or bikes, like in the Netherlands.

Of course, this is a huge subject that is approached,
but gladly leave this here:)



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  1. On top of everything else happening in the world, dealing with a power outage for a couple of days would add to the challenges. Right now the internet feels like my lifeline as I’m sure it is for many others.


    1. Fortunately that was in the beginning week that restrictions began. Now everyone on the country side take them with a grain of salt. The grocery store is busy, other stores are open:)

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  2. Our home in Compton was surrounded by beautiful homes in the Spanish style with red tile roofs. Originally when the tract was opened up it was a requirement, but the rules were removed later after lots quit selling. That’s when my parents bought and had our home built in a more traditional stucco and shingle roof style. – Margy


  3. Are you still using your wood stove as a heat source? Cooks prefer gas stoves and not being a very good good myself, I prefer an electric stove top and a toaster oven. I noticed a starkness to your photos this week, particularly the towers in San Diego.
    Hoping things are going as well as can be expected. Good to hear your electricity is back on.


  4. How fun the colorful PATH building. More buildings should do that…ours are very drab as the city I grew up in now has an empty town. Things moved to the outskirts, and just the normal eating and WalMart. My furnace went out on Saturday, but thankfully, I have oil heaters and electric throw. At least it was rain and temps in the 40’s…no cold snow. Wasn’t sure if I would get service with the lock down, but they came and fixed. Stay well, and have a great week.


  5. The last few years I lived in San Francisco I drove a red Honda scooter, toot, toot. I loved that little guy. Got me all over the City. Parking was a cinch. Gee, I wouldn’t mind driving a scooter again. See what you got me thinking about, Jesh. 🙂


  6. Glad you are doing well and were able to use the wood stove. We are having our groceries delivered but all our orders for eggs have been canceled as “out of stock” despite being “in stock” when we ordered (and tentatively paid). We get out in the wetlands about an hour before sunrise every morning and I stay out for almost three hours most mornings. Never meet another person– it’s “automatic” social distancing!


  7. wow the waterscapes look incredible. Gorgeous photos. I wish I could go out and be in nature. But that will have to wait for now given what’s happening around the world.


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