Snow, Narcissus, on the first day of Spring!
Hope you survive this freeze!
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Our only way out- to anywhere, can be tricky with
snow. This is  Highway88 dubbed by the locals
as the road with the 13 corners (meaning 13
corners consecutively following each other).
So, this might be treacherous
if you have problems with dizziness, or balance.



Isn’t this pretty, white door and red building?
Last week we received a backwash dump of snow, since
1500 feet higher, a few feet of snow came down.
Today (Wednesday) again, so the no-travel advise does not feel punishing of even limiting to me.
I don’t mind the snow, but I do mind the seemingly
unavoidable power outage.My neighbors who
have lived here for 20 years or longer,
told me that “it did not used to be this way.”




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Tuesday: You guys, how about social distancing? Too close!!




On the country side boundaries are quite important.
This tree is officially not on our property, but
a gracious neighbor lets me capture it:).
Makro-Tex: home sweet home




Snow or no snow,
My One-Liner
where we live, we can’t get away from the trees, lol
One Liner, Weekend Reflection




Look Out! There’s a bear in the sky! His face points
to the left, and blowing “smoke!”
One Word Sunday: Pareidolia
Sky Watch On Word Sunday, Sun Tree




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30 thoughts on “SPRING IS HIDING

  1. Love this post. Yes spring is shy here too but this year has been behaving well. No snow since middle of March and none in the forecast. Our snow is all gone but cooler temps keep things from greening up just yet. I can’t wait!


  2. Your photos are beautiful, especially the snow on the daffodils. I love the old tree too. Snow makes everything look more beautiful but it can be so treacherous.


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