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A PERSONAL NOTE – was daily in my cold studio during the snow for at least an hour to practice my guitar skills. Then I went home to fix my mistakes on two complicated 36 x 36 paintings that I have delayed to finish for longer than a year. This pause- crisis time, or however you like to call it – has one advantage: more time! It forced me to look at some painting problems I have been avoiding.
Every painting has one or more problems that the artist needs to solve – in these, it had to do with un-politicizing the subject  You will understand when I’ll post them in the future. Have you done something with your extra time?



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Don’t understand why Nature has never won a prize with
its still life. You think we should give him one?




What about his sketches of the branches? It could have
been one of mine! That accounts for something, not?




How about this abstract. It looks like an encaustic
painting (it is a painting making use of wax
to glue patterns or objects) to me?
Maybe we should title it “Rocky Path” …




Tilting the head. Hand supporting the chin. One foot forward ….With a sqeaky voice, “Don’t know … maybe this Footstep
is my favorite….”

So, now you have been to my Snow Gallery, we
eat at my home. I live according to my adult children
“in the middle of nowhere” so, no viruses here.



Hubs had to change his diet for this health
– dairy and meat free, so I made this
butternut squash oven dish with onions
and spinach as a side dish with potatoes.
The only “sin” is the Parmesan and Jack cheese on top..



Not too bad, eh? Some more?



1-2 butternut squash
One whole onion – cut up
1 package of spinach (or more)
1/2 tsp. salt, 1/2 tsp. pepper, dash of nutmeg
1/2 cup (or less) of milk, or half and half, or whipped cream
half a cup of grated Jack cheese, mixed with 1/2 cup of Parmesan

1. Cover bottom with pieces of raw squash (1/4 inch thick) in greased oven dish

2.Then, saute in pan, a big cut up onion, till translucent (almost transparent) 5-6 min.

3.Put fire on very low.
Add a package of spinach, mix with onion in pan
and add 1/2 cup of milk or whip cream,
Put fire off (you want to keep the spinach still almost raw).

Layer and Bake
from bottom to top in 13 x 9 inch oven dish
(Preheat oven to 400 degr. Fahrenheit and leave in oven for approximately30 minutes)
1.Squash half of pieces of butternut squash covering the bottom
2.half of the spinach mix of butternut squash of spinach mix
Cover with grated cheese.
Cover with foil for 20 min. Take off foil for last 10 min. till cheese is bubbly (not burnt)



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  1. I couldn’t think of what to do with some roasted butternut squash the other day, so I froze it. Now, you’ve give me an idea, Jesh. I can substitute red chard for the spinach. It’s been chilly in our area, even though the sun has been out. Your art snow gallery.tour was lots of fun. The positive side to this temporary shut down is the opportunity to take the time to enjoy nature and ourselves. Peace and love, Jesh.


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