NOT ONLY the weather aka nature goes in cycles of seasons, but also our lives.
In recent months I listened to youtubes of Dr. Kevin Zadai, first a flight attendant (IQ 106 average IQ, which jumped after this experience to 159 IQ, genius level)  He actually he was dead for 45 min. during a dental procedure. He did not feel dead. On the contrary, he tried to talk to the doctor, to the dental assistant, but they all “ignored” him. He tried to get back into his body, but

then Jesus came into the room and talked to him for 45 minutes.
One of the most amazing things he told Kevin, was that before he became a seed in his mother’s womb, God wrote a book about him, which would become his life scenario of
all the things he would do in his life.

This is the same for every one who is alive on earth! Not predestined, because man has a choice to do something or not.
If you are troubled about this time and have many questions, have no fear. Especially when you serve God, Psalm 91 says that pestilence (plaque, like the Cornona virus) will not come to your door.

Remind God of his promise. Have no fear. You will go to heaven, whenever your book says. He takes care of you
every moment of your life (Ps.23). What a comfort and hope.

Spring so bright! Almost need to put my sunglasses on!
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Floral Fri Foto, FOTD


Wordless Wednesday, DND, Sunday Tree



Is this mustard or rape? In any case it is yellow, and cheerful
Sky Watch, Makro Tex: April




Any season has something to enjoy. I love to come back
to the busy Hacienda style of Southern California in summer.
The actual door hides behind the fence.
Did not feel comfortable hanging over the fence
to try capturing it.
People in the city like their privacy.
Thurs. Doors




WHAT?? WHY can’t I open my package??
For some moments she believed the prank
her dad tried to play on her. Then she pouted
and defiantly tore into the paper.
One Word Sunday, Pictoral Tue



Getting to my One Liner
For you who wonder what it looks like to paint for an audience, but hesitate to ask.

Could not foresee at the time this photo was taken, but turned out to be the week before the order of “stay home” came! Will be glad when the end of April comes, and  can resume painting in front of an audience.

this is what it looks like.


Since I haven’t painted many waterfalls, I did not trust myself to know how parts of rocks would look like, coming out, and the water would flow around it, so I had
a photo of this scene clipped to the paper.

22 x 30 Pastel, Coming home, © St. Germain
A soldier, after his duty is over, coming home and getting those heavy boots off,
enjoying to give his feet a reprieve.

A pastel on watercolor paper.
The Arches (the best cold pressed) paper)
is actually a little too rough,
but I kind of like the “rough” effect.
The blue of the water is more blue on my painting,
but does not come out here , because of the
heavy contrasts of the other colors.
Someone asked me afterward what all these white dots were.
He first didn’t want to believe me, that it was the paper,
until I did a few strokes of pastel next to each other for him.
Say Cheese, Weekly Smile



Happy that Hubs does not mind posing for the reflection pic:) This was last yearin the Huntington Library Gardens
in Pasadena.
Weekend Reflection, , Travel Tue, Dutch GTN



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  1. Lovely photos once again, Jesh. Yes, I agree, we may feel fear, but at the sam time that fear can be overcome and bee turned into something constructive.
    Thank you for taking part in the My Sunday Best meme.


  2. All joy, colorful eggs, white sheep,
    smile without a leech and delicacies in the cheesecake of fat sausage and a nice atmosphere
    I wish all your family for Easter


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