It never ceases to amaze me with what you come up with
for your All Seasons’ posts! Am always enjoying your experiences:)
Say to yourself, while patting yourself on the shoulder,
“I am GOOD at this!”
So what is going on for you? Hope you do not let the restrictions of this pandemic ruin your day!
Instead, beat it with planning to have a fabulous week!


The photo link this week is open from Sunday April 5 – Friday April, noon, Pacific time.
Can you believe it – it’s the week before Easter or Resurrection Sunday! On Thursday Passover begins, on Friday it’s Good Friday, and Sunday the big day.

This week, am posting an experience of one of you, after
having asked her permission. Can you guess who it is? (without
peeking first!)



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One of our dearly beloved participants has
the most wonderful posts.
I have gotten stuck on several of them, looking up
one of the links she gives)
Here a short imitation of one of her regular posts.

This is how her post goes:

“Some scrumptious things to eat here.
Liked the 2nd item on the menu, but it was
kind of chewy. Hubby had the fourth on the list.
He really enjoyed his choice, and wants to go back here.”




“After that, we went first to a beautiful exhibit
of modern art down the street.
That called for taking a break to get a drink.
There were lines of people,
and we had to wait quite a long time”
(tongue in cheek – where I was, there were two people waiting)




 This was our reward. Isn’t this a zippy drink?
Especially when you
consider today it was 88 degrees (last June).



“The next on our agenda was a visit at the Rose Garden
at the Huntington.”

And the post goes on, for the WHOLE week,
which is to me stunning, since what
she does in a week, I do, maybe in a month … or two?

Do not be afraid to have your own style
in telling about your experience!

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21 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – BEGINNING APRIL 2020

  1. I’m usually not out and about that much since retiring…not good planning on our budgeting life, but oh the fun we had. Also, I’ve usually been a stay at home introvert, so this is not new to me to be at home, but why oh why when someone says I have to, I want to go out. haha But have been good from before the lock down trying to stay safe and keep others safe. Stay well, and have a nice Easter Blessings.


  2. It’s fun to read posts from around the world. I got distracted and forgot to add my post on Sunday. Time seems to have become strange this days for me. – Margy


  3. Okay, you did make me laugh with your imitation of me!! Did you enjoy posting your week’s activities? I find it a lot of fun looking back at what we did!


  4. Jesh, there are many recipes that don’t use eggs, there are also many substitutions for eggs in recipes. I’ll send you an email with some info.
    We are right on Lake Ontario with many walking trails along the lake so it is always a very popular area on weekends.


  5. Today is Day 21 of our lockdown. I am actually enjoying this time together with the family and trying out new YouTube recipes now that I have so much time on my hands!!!

    Happy Tuesday, Jesh!


  6. I don’t know whose blog you are referencing ….if I did I’d go visit! I usually try to visit the person next to me on a linkup as soon as I link and then later come back to visit others if I have time. I somehow must have missed this person! This week I did not link at all because we are on the road going home and I don’t always have internet.


  7. I will remember this spring and Easter until the end of my life…. It’s not gonna be nice memory…
    I wish you all good health.
    Thank you for hosting.


  8. We are expecting Easter with a increased anticipation this year, Jesh, given the critical situation with the pandemic. We shall get over this dire situation and good days will come again.


  9. the rose garden is so beautiful and I like delicious food too, it’s warm with you!
    I don’t let the virus intimidate me either, I adhere to the rules that I can’t get it and others. Go out and keep your distance mostly there are hardly any people on the road where I am.
    Stay healthy and take care of yourself
    Thanks for hosting


  10. certainly a challenge to keep active but maintain social distancing. Easy for me right now with my leg in plaster! Have a good week.


  11. I’m afraid to pat myself on the back cuz who knows where my hand has been (; Ahh weiss bier and some roses, who could ask for more. Hope you’re able to be creative and happy and have had the kind of beautiful weather we’ve had this weekend.


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