Always interesting new things to see at this museum.

For One-Liner and Sunday One Word
This park has at least three museums. That makes me think of homophone. Johnnie had his tooth pulled yesterday, and could not say the letter “h“. He said to his mom, “That tree is green.” Mom smiled and said, “The three is not green, they are yellow.
Johnnie yelled, “No it’s green. “Smiling again, mom responded,
“It is not “is” but “are.”

Johnnie pulled his mom to the tree. “See, the tree is green.”
Mom chuckled, “Oh, that is what you meant. You’re right,
this tree is green. But do you you see those three there?”
and pointed to the three statues.
WHERE?” Johnnie pouted. “I am counting six.
Mom sighed, “let’s get some ice cream!”

One Word SundayΒ  MAY 3,
#One LIner, April 29








Never thought about it, but in the Dutch language Division and Floors
are considered as associative words, like synonyms.
Don’t know if this is the same in the English language.
Division, One Word Sunday April 26



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10 thoughts on “DIVISION and WHERE and # ONE LINER WEDNESDAY

  1. I must get back to San Diego some time – didn’t get to any of the museums.
    We can use the word division to mean an area, but it isn’t used for the floor of a building.


  2. Oh Junieper your story made me laugh! I was so excited to read every line of it, so cute! I haven’t been to any museums in San Diego but I did love the Mission San Diego Church. It’s has a grand facade yet it looks very simple and humble at the same time. I have been blessed to see 16 of the 21 California missions, thanks to my brother who made it happen 5 summers ago. It made me appreciate how the Spaniards brought Christianity (they also brought Christianity to us in the Philippines) and also the amazing Mission architecture that amazes me with its minimalist and opaque structures but has a strong character to it. My favorite was Mission Carmel.

    Hope I can see and visit that museum in San Diego when I get back someday.


  3. I’ve been to the San Diego Museum of Art in another lifetime. I don’t remember much about it, other than it was cold inside and hotter than hades outside. I was younger, less into art, perhaps. πŸ˜‰


    1. Yeah that kind of weather is common in California! It doesn’t help though when they jank up the air conditioning higher! But there are so many other things in Balboa park … maybe they were added later, like the botanical building and the lillypads, and some restaurants, and the fountains… the quadrangle building and tower ….maybe you should consider it agains when you’re in San Diego:)

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