Your beautiful captures and wonderful, diverse  and interesting posts were so
fun and delightful – many thanks for being a part of ALL SEASONS!!

This week the photo link list is
open from Sunday, April 26 to  Wednesday, April 29 at  12 pm, Pacific time
(NOTE I changed it back to Wednesday, how it was before)


Most of you are thankfully great in keeping your head above water,
psychologically! But even though some may be somewhat down,
I appreciate all you capture for All Seasons. It may not be your best
work, but it is better than moaning, grumbling, and giving in to
unhappy moods. Give your happy norophenephrines a workout!
(that long word is the substance that keeps you from getting depressed)

How is everyone doing? My major thing last week was to repair a mistake
on my 10 x 17 feet painting.
There is a parable of the ten virgins, 5 wise, and 5 foolish ones.
Without thinking I painted all 10 of them.
Later when I thought it over, only the 5 wise ones with their lamps
burning, made it to the Wedding Feast. The other 5 were forbidden
to attend. The other 5 became the two Mary’s, Martha, Rahab, and Lydia.
Yep, painting takes a lot of planning:)


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At first sight, it seems not that interesting. Even less, not romantic. On second thought, especially in this time, I am thankful for bridges, electricity, and fences (and more items in this category). They provide safety and connect us to places. If they fail, we have a problem on our hands.


Flooded. It’s a wildlife refuge area for birds
next to an extremely long bridge,
Hubs estimates, more than one mile.
traffic usually is stalled there.



This seems a safe area. There’ getting
something out of the soil here.




Electricity, electricity, electricity
This is much bigger and higher
than it looks like in this image.




In mid summer this river will have dried up completely,
but we would drown if we wouldn’t have a sizable and sturdy bridge
here, for the rest of the year.



Have come to appreciate fences much more
since we have to pass a few ear-deafening barkers
on our daily walk.


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