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Many mothers are so concentrated on their children’s well being, that they forget about themselves, and forget about their own future. Have you heard about this thought?
The best thing you can give a child, is a happy parent!
So, to you mothers and grandmothers,
do what you love!”




It was not long before I discovered being a secretary
(right out of high school) was not for me.
I guess it depends on how much you
want “it.” it is not even about $$, but
about the every day activities.
For that I had to (self-determined) study
for 8 years for my paid job, (while
being a mom), to reach what I wanted.


24 x 36, Oil, Worship Angel, © St Germain

In art (painting), it took much longer than 8 years,
to become good, and not paid, lol. Only every now
and then. It’s the same mindset that Vincent van Gogh
had. You do what you love! That would be similar
to my endeavor of music.
Never paid, but that is not a reason to quit.


When I saw them practicing, it reminded me of
my own teen time, performing with music.
I could not have foreseen that many decades later
I would have a platform with another creative endeavor (painting).



One thing has not changed.
Back then it (music) was my whole life. Now it
(painting) is still my whole life .
You may see my easels on the left on the ground
floor (gave a workshop here in Amsterdam).



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19 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – DO WHAT YOU LOVE

  1. Being able to sit and put paint to canvas would be a great release of energy and just well being I would think. I agree, do what makes your heart sing. Loved your comment on my campfire post. That would be funny to see the pic and then see smoke outside. lol Thanks for visiting.


  2. Lovely painting, Jesh! I went from computer programmer to SAHM. Never regretted my decision! But I do wish though that I am gifted for something at least!

    Not sure if you visited my blog then, but I did dabble in cookie decorating for a while until the novelty ran out. My Instagram page to share –


  3. I too went straight from school into an office job, and it took me years to find out what I wanted to do when I grew up. I am now enjoying indulging my creative side. Stay safe and have a fabulous week


  4. Very nice musings! It is funny how my idea of having things exactly right have changed over the years. I was in private medical practice and also president of the County Doctors’ Choir when I got drafted with 3 kids. End of the world? No, I loved my job in public health and then retired to give more time to music and photography. I guess there are many ways to “get it right.”


  5. It’s a very important message, and there are often ways of finding things in your job that you love and heading that way. Life is often not perfect but we have to work towards what we love. One of my teachers told me (and my parents) that I should choose the subject I loved for university – it helped me make a difficult choice.


    1. Debbie, am glad you got that advice. Since you are inquisitive, like I, my guess is that when we were growing up, we were exceptions to the rule for how girls behave, or like :):) the result though (which is not bad, but noteworthy) is that I don’t have anything in common with people my age. Most of my friends I still keep in contact with, used to be friends of my kids:) – so that means at least 20-30 years younger than I.


  6. Your header painting is gorgeous.

    On the other hand, I think I feel into my job and ended up making a career of it in technology and love almost every minute of it.
    It wasa far cry from what I thought I would do, teacher or reporter.


  7. Jesh I love the painting! First of all Happy Mother’s Day! Just as my friend Carol from MA greeted me too because she said that we all have to be mom’s to ourselves too right? What a nice thought she gave 🙂

    The Angel you portrayed is very artistic in itself and gives me a feeling of having a lot to give to the Lord. That we will never really ran out of reasons to praise him and be grateful every single time that we can! The colors are so alive and filled with meaning to it.

    I am so happy to join All Season’s through my Cavite Daily Photo Blog! I invited one of my best friends to write and share through my Guest Post Sunday segment on the blog. I hope you are doing well my dear friend, I am, writing this in the beauty of my garden 🙂


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