Old town Folsum, part of the gold rush era.
A lot going on here. There are three doors, but two
are half hidden by the white pillars.
Personally I love the decorative painting
in between the upstairs windows.
Thurs. Door



The doors of this Company
Thurs. Doors, One Word Sun



Keep me company!
For all of your families when your graduating one
won’t go through the line this year  – so sorry.





A blast from the past, for Steve’s meme. Very coincidental,
our son ended up living, where Hubs and I both went to college,
and got married: in the Hague. As students, we biked whenever
we had time to go to the store in The Passage, built in 1925.
It’s like an indoor mall, and still considered a classic in the Hague
(one of the 3 most prominent cities in the Netherlands

Timeless Thurs., Travel Tue.




The pink dogwood tree. If you see two arms on the right side,
you are not mistaken, haha.
Floral Fri Foto, Jahreszeiten, Sun Tree, Nature Notes, FOTD,



Makro-Tex:Beautiful Spring, Wordless Wednesday


About my title “All Things Considered”
for the coming weeks my posts will be somewhat
different. More philosophical, a part
I do not often show, but it’s a large part of
who I am, and why I got my doctorate,
my concern about people’s traumas and bad situations.



A reflection of a sunset
Weekend Reflection




The colors were actually much more saturated,
but did not want to make it look like HDR.
Sky Watch




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  1. Like the first building decor with the arches. The Spring blossoms are a pretty hue of pinks. Great tribute to the graduates. So many schools are really trying to be creative and inventive with their graduations. The one at the raceway sounds pretty great. Like the sun reflection in the mirror. They’re pretty much all great to see on my gloomy, day here…the rain has made a lot of flooding in the areas and my yard. 🙂 But, warmer dry is coming.


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