How I have enjoyed your lovely, witty, interesting thoughts and posts! Many many thanks for you candor and personal thoughts. In this time, blogging keeps us sane, eh?


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Update: At least they opened the park last week. Also, the beauty needs store now has a curb pick up, so I won’t look 80 years old when my hair color runs out next week, lol.
Saw the food truck has customers.
Same with restaurants who have a curb pick up.
Traffic is picking up.
Yay, we are in reversal. And feeling very sorry for you who live in Michigan and more states/countries of that same kind :(:(
According to a number of  prophets, they predict that we will be for 4 months, in a reversal, reset, or recalibration, and the last 4 months of the year, a recompense. Even though this is a very diverse company of people, everyone of these say President Trump will be re-elected.

Feel free to share unusual or unfair things happening where you live. Personal things, no partisan politics (one or the other party – am glad this has not happened yet). I like to keep you as friends and visa versa!!

One remarkable things was that these prophets also predicted earthquakes. Three days ago (Thurs night to Fri a 6.4 earthquake in Nevada that woke us up – the earth shook for at least 30 seconds (that’s long). We heard it was also felt in Utah! (11 hour-drive away from us!). It was a pretty consistent rolling movement, no sharp jolts, so we stayed in bed. There were after shocks, but we did not feel them.

The deer and we have often the same idea about when
to take a walk. Very often we see them, just
after we close our front door



The park opened back up a week ago.
At the right time, because it’s a very simple park with wildflowers, around a sports fields and tennis courts



No idea about the name, but pretty




With weeds and all:)



About 1 cm big!




Another pretty detail




A look back, just before leaving




Before I forget, it was the first day,
warm enough (80ties F. ) to walk in shorts.


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20 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – THE PARK IS OPEN

  1. Over here, most of us are in shorts and flip-flops all year round! Offices and restaurants are starting to open up and I can feel that life is very slowly returning to normal.

    Happy Tuesday, Jesh!


  2. Our National Parks have reopened for campers, and some of our State’s internal borders have eased allowing people to start travelling again. Autumn is turning into winter but we are having beautiful sunny days. Farmer’s are in desperate need of rain. Have a good week and enjoying getting out for a hike in shorts!


  3. The last time we tried to go to a park to walk it was too crowded. Both a good sign and a not so good sign. Mother nature is taking over the roadsides around our shopping mall. There’s lots for me to see on our daily walks. – Margy


  4. Yes, things are slowly beginning to go back to normal too, here in Melbourne, Jesh. Although we have a very conservative and cautious state government, which is a good thing.
    The blue lupins are wonderful!


  5. Your flowers are beautiful. Stay safe and well. …. on your comment on mine last week, you said you didn’t remember me showing so many rhododendrons last year. That is because for the past several years we have spent the Spring at our Florida house and there are no typical spring flowers there (it is too warm for them). This year, we came home to Oregon much earlier because of Covid… we feel it is safer here.


  6. Those purple flowers look magical Jesh! It’s like on a fairy tale setting. I am glad that parks started to open at your side and that you get to do walks to keep the body moving and energized. Our lockdown has been lowered since Saturday but still I don’t go outside because it hasn’t been safe at all and the numbers are just at rise. The businesses are just really a priority here in our country and that is very sad to be honest. Sending you hugs from the Philippines and Happy All Seasons!



    1. At least the businesses are starting to open up where you live! There are several protests going on here, because they want to work. My guess you are not working? Hope you have some income for food and rent? Also, am very happy you have taken steps to keep your mind busy and away from the virus. Great job:)


  7. You’re looking good in your shorts, Jesh. The blue flowers are probably lupine. They bloom wildly around this time. We’re lucky to have a patch growing on the side of our driveway. Two or three years ago, the lupine found their way to that spot. Last year I collected seeds. Happily some took in the back of the house. Cheers, Jesh!


  8. They look like the lupines or Bluebonnets we had in Texas. We will be “opening up” this week as well. My hair is getting long enough to braid. Glad it turned gray a long time ago rather than turned loose! Whatever happens we will still need to be very cautious as we have attained the “at risk” point in our lives. Stay safe!


  9. Parks opening here too, some roads being closed to allow pedestrians more room.
    Golf courses opened this weekend so John is thrilled.


  10. I love the purple flowers, especially in a field of yellow ones like wild violets and dandelions. I am missing the lilacs though, and don’t know if I just didn’t see them or they didn’t bloom. I think I missed them, but there are a lot of trees looking gorgeous. I love all shades of violet, do you have a favorite color?


  11. What a wonderful coloured post. I do’n know a lot about names either, but I like to see all the flowers and the fresh green spring colours now.
    Stay safe and healthy! Greetings from the Netherlands.


    1. Hallo, Blog Friend. Thanks for visiting me.Heard from our son in the Hague it’s warm there. Here. its very much up and down! Have a lovely week, and take it easy:):)

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