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Now we are in reversal mode, can’t wait until we can travel again.
When you visit another country, what souvenir do you tend to buy?



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When you are a tourist, visiting another country, what do
you tend to gravitate toward to, in bringing home?
Art – these copper garden horses would be a
a great catch, but a little big for your suitcase, eh?



Antiques would probably be my own top item to take home




Practical and colorful
For some reason I have never come home with sewn things.
Woven, like rugs and tablecloths, yes.



Happy I never started with figurines.
One could spend many $$ on these cute things.



Even happier, no mugs with people, or texts, even if it’s
Lucille Ball. Ouch am dating myself here, lol


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18 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – SOUVENIRS

  1. Fun finds! Hope you had a lovely week! It has been a crazy week. My city is on lockdown. Rioting! Thankfully, we have been on the road.


  2. I love your cotton really wall display. So colourful and practical too. I almost always buy a hand drawn or painted picture when we go on a major trip. They are all displayed on one wall at home. A memory board of sorts. Enjoy the rest of your week. Today we actually starting thinking about a caravan trip in the next few months.


  3. Our souvenirs are usually picked up somewhere we find ourselves after walking a lot and sightseeing all day. They tend to be left for buying towards the end of our trip when we have learnt something about the culture and atmosphere of the place. Antiques and old objects are favourites, but art pieces and books are also often purchased, Jesh.


  4. I very much love souvenirs! During my early years of travel, I collect almost everything! Even newspapers from countries I visit haha but then in the past few years I have learned how to travel light and that means also saying goodbye to a lot of souvenirs so I just stuck to those that are easy and handy to keep like banknotes and I also have a collection of Starbucks mugs from places I visit 🙂


  5. I don’t even sew, never have, but that thread cabinet is quite colorful and eye catching! Lol if I owned it, it would stay exactly the same forever … I would never use anything in it. Thanks for hosting.


  6. Don’t being back a lot of souvenirs, just something small that catches my eye. I did collect boxes which now have their own cabinet.
    And I doubt anyone will be interested in it when I go.
    We tend to take one photo from the trip and put it on our wall.


  7. The thread and spools display so reminds me of the ones I inherited from my mom. I have two pin cushions just like those and a bag full of old thread on wooden spools. It would make a nice tribute display if I could find an interesting shelf with boxes like that. When I am on trips I tend to bring home a distinctive rock. It has to be small to carry home of course. – Margy


  8. I don’t travel far from home, but if I see a Christmas ornament I like no matter when I see it, I’ll buy it. I like the funny, vintage or homemade looking ornaments. I’ve also come home with plenty of coffee mugs which is funny because I don’t drink coffee.
    Love the shot of the spools of thread and the tomato pin cushion (I wonder who came up with that idea).


  9. Nice set of photos. I don’t usually buy souvenirs, only magnets. Wishing a fine Sunday.


  10. Hello,
    in my opinion photographs are the best souvenirs.
    With time, I have learned to buy less and less…but something handmade would still rouse my curiosity.
    That colorful case is awesome!
    Have a colorful week!


  11. I like to buy apparel which remind me of the place– not T-shirts with big lettering but clothing with subtle inscriptions or images. Oh, and of course if it is a foreign country, my limit on duty-free beverages, even if they gather dust on the shelf to be broken out on special occasions. My biggest haul is usually digital.


  12. ha ha! I loved watching Lucille Ball. I don’t usually buy much – sometimes a book, sometimes food 🙂 I love that sewing display, Jess. Is it yours?
    And i’ll back with something seasonal soon . Have a good Sunday


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