Started out this post with blue and red, but then the door was added, and the deer, and the tree, which are not blue or red. Oh well,  as long as you enjoy the plethora of colors:)

Found this door in Lucca, Italy in hubby’s archives:)
Thurs. Doors



Visit from bloggers and photographers in my studio.
One in blue. The other one trying out
how it feels like to paint high up:)
Makro-Tex: Blue



Oil, 24 x 30, The Upper room © St Germain

This Sunday we are 50 days from Easter
(can you believe it?), which is called Pentecost,
when 120 people waiting in the Room Upstairs
were so infused with the fire of the Holy Spirit
that outsiders thought
they had a little too much wine to drink:)
One Word Sunday: flare


Kinda dark for reflections



This is a small plein air in oil for Timeless Thursdays
More than 40 years ago hubby used to do youth retreats
together with an Eastern European pastor, when the
East part of Germany was behind the Iron curtain.

They became very good friends.
One of the things they liked to do was make
long forest walks, to plan the retreats
while being out of reach of any spy ware.
I thought this should be on record with this painting:)
Timeless Thursdays


Trees are just gorgeous this spring




This male deer (see his antlers?)
in my front yard gave permission
Sat Critters


The sun helped me get this effect with the iris
in my garden.
Floral Fri Foto


That one stripe in the sky!
Sky Watch



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  1. Our pastor this morning called it the Birthday of the Church (Pentecost). Online sermon for us. Love the iris! One of my favorite flowers. 🙂


  2. Beautiful paintings. I love the deer, pretty flowes and the gorgeous sky shots. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!


  3. Trees are stunning right now in their spring green. Your sky is my favourite – top shot!


    1. Thank you Riitta! With so many flowers around you, hope you feel more positive about things. In this country things are heating up, because this is the election year for the president.


    2. Thank you Riitta – our house is in an enviable position – on all sides I can see the sky and when I cross the street, to capture a big sunset:)


    1. Indeed, I think another trip is in order! For you as well when you visit you son after all this is over. =) I also wanted to say I loved your painting you posted for Timeless Thursdays.


  4. It always makes me shake my head when people talk about how wonderful socialism/Communism is. I think, “Yeah, that’s why so many people risk their lives to get away from it.” I really enjoyed seeing so much of your work this week and I love that iris. Nice sunset as well.



    1. When we went last weekend to my daughter, for one her kids’ birthdays’ (she is a millenial) somehow it came to the subject of why one would like capitalism, because with the latter you want a higher grade, since you worked harder than the one with a lower grade.;You don’t want to lower grade, in sharing your accomplishments with someone else. Later, at home, I thought, but that is just the philosophy, living it is much more painful than sharing grades! Not that I’m afraid she ever would want socialism, .but i thought maybe that is how the younger generation see it, just as an alternative way of living? Enfin, somehow we have to get through to the younger generation, that it might be a nice philosophy, but living it is a whole different ball of wax!

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  5. What an amazing story about your hubby and the Eastern European pastor. My chemistry teacher from high school used to help smuggle people out from behind the Iron Curtain. Brave men!


    1. We lived for a year in Berlin, and every day escapes were going on! Often people underneath a car! Freedom can be an expensive thing.


  6. Jesh me again, thank you so so much for this beautiful painting that you shared for Timeless Thursdays. I’m really a big fan of your art and the strokes the you made showed beautiful movement on the trees and the grass and the colors on the forests has this thing about a comforting darkness instead of just plain darkness! Love it so much! Thank you so so much for always taking part on Timeless Thursdays 🙂


    1. Thank you Steve, a comforting darkness – I like that expression! These were the dangerous days (which you only go when you’re young, lol!). It was pretty cool though, because that pastor was Lutheran and we Assemblies of God. In that time there were very few of interfaith endeavors in Europe..


  7. Jesh I love all of these photos! My favorite was the one on your studio which shows how big the painting you did that I really loved is! And that iris with the soft fiery glow is just a delight to my heart! Happy Weekend soon!


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