Any time there is a change in our lives,
the courage for the old is not enough.
We need a new courage, assertiveness, however you want to call it.
Coming to this house back then, meant a big change from being
dorm counselors and teachers, and living in a community
of about 95 people. Never had to to deal with neighbors before,
or do groceries for our family of (then) three.
For the first time being a stay-home mom.
As you can tell, I survived it, smile.

Now I am at this juncture again, and cannot tell you
yet what the change will be!
Will keep you up to date, when it comes.

On one of our visits to our country of origin (the Netherlands)
we drove by this house in the forest on a street that ended
in a small sand path
(when we rented it, there were 7 gas heaters.
Later this house was renovated:)).
It once belonged to a barones. When her cook
became too old to work, she gave it to her servant. Neat eh?

To show to two of our (then) teens
where they lived at birth and 2 years old.

Doors of the garden room and of the bedroom
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PhotoAWeek asked for footwear.
The artist, who I only knew as the Children’s
pastor, I had known for five years, had all this time
kept it a secret from me, that she also
was an artist! When I saw her work on
the artist show last summer, it became clear
why, whenever she would see me,
she used to ask me all these pointed
questions non-artists never ask!
She sewed all these beads on by hand.



Couldn’t resist this teeny tiny reflection.
Remembered that on the left in the front garden
of the house above
there was a pond with water lilies
Weekend Reflection.


One Word Photo asked for Patchwork. This is son’s bowtie patterned
quilt, hanging on the line to dry in the sun.
One Word Sun: Patchwork, Makro-Tex: June


Somewhat messy impression, but I marvel every time we come by.
These are these huge  trees where the bark lets loose,
and seems to be peeling?
Anyone knows which ones I mean?
Sunday Tree


These clouds are swinging and taking up my whole visual field.
It has to do with my title entering “a new time”
and am wondering in which direction the wind will blow.
and in which direction we will go.
A lot of intensity right now this year.

Not all good, so if you know how to pray, take the time
(I do it at night, lol) to do that,
for in that we have a future and a hope!
Sky Watch




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28 thoughts on “COURAGE FOR A NEW TIME

    1. Thank you Deb – the same to you about your change:) Wishing you much wisdom and patience. The quilt was someone’s gift to our kids – since it’s the bowtie pattern we gave it our son.


  1. I wonder when in life brings a change. We all live in a time of change! I like to watch your photos, I like to take my photos, in the future these are wonderful memories!


  2. Big changes in your life, but I am sure you have the courage. We humans are very tough anyway. The peony is stunning and all photos are beautiful. All the best & happy weekend.


  3. Courage we need for each day perhaps moment-by-moment with these changing times. We also need to be kind to one another. Adapt to situations and viewpoints. In my opinion, your photograph of blue skies swinging is a really good example of what is going on in the world not just in the skies. I loved your positive post post this week. Be safe.


  4. Were those Eucalyptus trees? They lose their bark in big swaths.

    The house looks lovely and how neat that it was left to her servant!

    Best of luck with the new adventure! I’m looking forward to finding out where you go.


  5. Jesh That house is soooo beautiful! That is so kind and gracious of that baroness to give it to her faithful servant. Thank you so much for joining Timeless Thursdays Jesh! You joining every week makes me so happy, I really appreciate it!

    And I am praying for you on your new adventure and we will all be looking forward to it. What you said about new courage struck me very much. Since we now live in a new world inevitably, we really do need a new set of things, may come from our old virtues and old characters but something that is enhanced to fit the needs of these new times! Sending hugs to my friend Jesh in CA!


  6. Change is a constant in life. It is always something, but it keeps life interesting. Thanks for linking up!


    1. At that time it was rural in Lunteren! But six years ago we came by Ede, and it had greatly expanded (could not even recognize where we had lived), so it might not be so rural anymore.

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