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Early on, I had decided the visits of my grand children would never be “Oh, do we have to go there again? So boring!” Am proud to say, that last year, they kept asking, “When can we stay at your house?”

Cooling down when it’s in the 90ties!The two oldest not included here!



Now seriously, how many cars are you going to sell me?




The most important minute of the day



This would be the second most important minute



Now are we ready for this? Because Nana can’t wait any longer!
This is her new obsession!



To keep children busy and occupied is easier than you think.

Prepare a table BEFOREHAND!
Notice I have NOT separated things for boys or for girls to do. As you see on the pics, girls also play with cars! They later drive a car too, so why can’t they play with them?!

* with at least 3 art things to do,
depending on their age, and what they like.
* For younger kids rock-painting proved to be a hit.
* For the more physical ones, clay, watercolor,
or pastel, sticks, beads, and
* for the older ones (teens)  Origami or other kinds of puzzles.

They go to the table whenever they please, in between eating or other games, and take their art work home.

And what do the adults do??
Sorry, you have to make up your own fun!


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22 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – CHILDREN

  1. Our granddaughter came to stay a few days with us for the first time alone this past week and it was SO delightful! She’s 2. I hope we’ll be able to do it again and again through the years and with her baby sister too when she gets a little older. Looks like you had such a fun time planned for your grands!


    1. Lisa, love two year olds with temper tantrums and all:) But just to see them, each of them are beautiful! You’re lucky your “adult child” was so giving. My daughter had to think about it for a while before she gave in to her kids’ pleas (probably pestering, haha).
      Happy to have met you this way!


  2. Super love these kids! That little guy showing his crafting kit has a very sunshiney smile, love it! Sending you hugs dearest Jesh. I put down my personal blog for the meantime, long story short massive identity theft attacks in our country on Facebook yesterday and I was victimized 😦 Now Had to wait for things to settle down first but the faker seems to have been taken down now after tons of reports from my friends and students.

    Wish you a great new week dearest Jesh!


    1. Reading this right before going out of the house for our grocery shopping day – sooo sorry, Steve:(:(:( Have been shadow banned at Fb, but no identity theft. Whenever you have time, of course I like to know how you discovered this ….


  3. OK, Jesh, just give me a day and time for our play date and I’ll be around, bringing a cake! 🙂
    Looks like everyone had a lovely time!


  4. I am happy to say that our grandsons still like coming to stay at our house, though crafts are off the agenda now they are older. Board games are ok, and we try to do something physical in the mornings. I had to smile when I saw yours in the passage way. That was the coolest place in our house when it was hot when I was a kid. I used to lay on the lino and read. Have a great week and enjoy those grandkids – so precious.


  5. I think adults would enjoy that too. Sure, why separate them. I always wanted drums, a chemistry set, cars and guns when I was a kid, but those were “boys” toys. Good for you, bet they love coming over. What are you making with your air dry clay?


  6. I remember the woodburning set I had as a kid. My parents were both very crafty and artistic. We did leather work, woodwork, jewelry and lots more. Great memories were built from those experiences. It’s wonderful you are passing such interesting experiences on to your grandkids. – Margy


  7. What a fine grandmother! You remind me of what one of our neighbor kids said years ago. She said “My Grandma is coming to visit us this week!” My wife said “How nice!” and the child answered, “No, it’s the other one.”


  8. You are a smart cookie with so much to choose from – no wonder they love visiting you. Family is really what life is all about.


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