SAN DIEGO, close to Balboa Park on a very long street
where there used to be an Armed Forces complex.
One of the houses of the captains and the generals
across the street:)
On holidays they put a 100+ flags on the side
walk of this street Such a festive sight.
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Orchids from the Botanical Building in Balboa Park
Floral Fri Foto, Nature Notes



Musician playing in front of the botanical building
Very skilled!


Native American Dancer.-talking about Drama –
they have it covered, the colors, the dress,
the sound, the movement:)
I reduced contrast, background, saturation,
anything I could to fit him in my vanilla blog:):)
One Word Photo – Drama



Hubs capture
Wordless Wednesday, Makro-Tex:small


See the M.A.? Not Dr. yet:)

As a resident intern in ’92 (the year when you are called
“doctor” before you actually are one)ย  I was so blessedย  having
my own office at the “Purple Palace”
we dubbed Kaiser Permanente HMO where I was 60 hrs. a week.
Just 15 min. from my home, which was great,
because 2 of my kids were still in grade school,
and one in high school. Other residency-internships were
much further away, or even out of state. Many had to
share their office with 2 or 3 others. It was a massive year!
With those 2 acquired initials, some really lost their sense
of place, thinking that they were above anyone else.
You knowI fortunately did not fall into that trap.
For Timeless Thurs.




Symbolic of how light is is outside. It pains me that for some
at this moment, all they see it’s still as dark outside,
as it is inside – in their soul.




Reflections in the Business District in San Francisco



One of the gorgeous skies in Utah while traveling

Sky Watch



Spring is such a fun Season!

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20 thoughts on “FAVORITE PLACES

  1. Very impressive door in San Diego, Jesh. I love the colours in the Native American dancer image. Nice photo of you as a young intern, you certainly worked very long hours.


    1. Thank you Jean. To watch them dance and sing is very inspiring. Very sadly, they have not been integrated into the Anglo-Sax. culture at all. Much less than the African American. But they are a very peaceful people, so am not expecting riots from them ever. Officially it was 40 hours per week, but to really do the work well at Hospice it became most often 60. Proud of my family who did not complain!


  2. I love Balboa Park and surrounding area. I’ve worked at a couple different Kaiser facilities during my practice, but never in San Diego. 60 hours a week and three kids… that sounds really challenging!


    1. Thank you Deborah for coming by:) Balboa never gets boring, since sometimes there’s an unexpected open air concert, or a wedding, or other seasonal things going on, like plant societies, etc.. I think it’s in May that the Native Americans have a big feast set up for the whole weekend, all in costume with dancers, music, and booths set up.

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  3. Lovely photographs you shared to us dearest Jesh! We passed by Balboa Park from my Aunt’s place when my cousins took me to this Taqueria in Old Town San Diego. It was nighttime and I was busy chatting with my niece and nephew so I wasn’t able to see how beautiful the park was! Love the shot of the Musician, it’s something I would see on a Humans of New York type site ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sending you hugs dearest Jesh! crazy things happened that I had to bring down my log last Sunday but now that my impersonator account was taken down by Facebook, thanks to my family and friends who helped report it, I guess I can go back to my personal blog again.

    Take Care and God bless you!


    1. Steve, you got to go back during the day – so many things to see there. There are several art museums, a botanical building (the orchid in my post – they have a lot of varieties of orchids – a pond with waterlilies, an artist corner (real ones) with several shops, they have a corner with houses from different countries, a great souvenir ship, several eating places, and an amphitheater for open air concerts, a train museum, space museum, on the road several musicians, artists, etc.

      How did you discover you were hacked – you couldn’t get into your account, or? You’re the first one I know of identity theft. Am only going on there in emergency cases, because I was shadow banned.

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    2. Oh dear Jesh! I really wish I can still have a chance to go back to SD again soon. I still can go back to 2025 but with the current restrictions, not super sure if it will be possible for anybody from here to visit there safely. Would love the orchid garden and I am always fascinated by old mission style buildings which surely has a lot there in the park.

      Oh it was scary. At first, I searched for my name and suddenly around 15 accounts bearing my name with no images and no content have been created. Shows very much that it was automatedly done. Then one of my cousins messaged me on messenger asking me if I am also that other account, he sent me a screenshot and I was so shocked! It really looks like a very legit account that I myself would own. It took my photo and my full name and my school and basic info! Plus worse, I can’t see nor search for it using my account because the impersonator blocked me. it was scary to be in such a situation and you can;t help but think that it may have been used to write comment on public pages with propaganda against the government because there is anew law here just passed days ago that if you write something against the government even a critic or something unfavorable about it true or not, you can be arrested without any warrant and be detained for up to 14 days. Scary and if the impersonator can post anything bad with my name on it, well you know already what can happen.

      Thank you so much dear Jesh for joining Timeless Thursday this week! Always always thankful to have you ๐Ÿ™‚ 60 hours a week! I can’t imagine how that is because my 40 hour a week now seems too much already for me and my body HAHA ok now I sound whiny. Happy Weekend coming Jesh! (Got your email! Will respond to it ๐Ÿ™‚


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