In Normal times this would be vacation time.
Just heard this morning there’s a travel ban to Europe again.
Good there’s the internet, so we can dream of it:)

Whether you like to look for sun in Tuscany …
Thurs Door, Tue Travel



Or like watery places, like in mid Holland
in the same town as a castle …
Weekend Reflection



but maybe you rather go to a botanical garden,
like the Huntington Garden in Pasadena, It’s all worth it!

Am sorry to have to forego of a summer vacation this year,
not because of the virus, but because I am moving.
So I will only be here for the meme All Seasons
in the next 4-6 weeks.

A very unusual blue, leaning toward teal flower,
on a quite a high bush in the Huntington Garden.
If I recall correctly, it was African.



Makro Tex: Small




As long as there is a stunning sky,
like this one in Utah
“I’m good:)” like they say in California.


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27 thoughts on “VACATION TIME

    1. Thank you for coming to my blog Patricia:) I perused your website, and I wonder what brought you to visit (just curiosity, since I am not a writer. My studies ruined “normal” reading for me. so I only read to research art, at the moment. Have a great weekend, Jesh


  1. I do enjoy being at home, but we had planned to travel to Europe this summer. Now, it’s a nope! Travel is really the one thing I miss. Thanks for linking up.


  2. I’ll miss seeing your beautiful California photos, but you will likely end up in a beautiful location. Wishing you all the best in this next adventure!


  3. Those are some nice shots again, Jesh. Especially the first and the last photo are wonderful.
    We didn’t make plans for the summer. But that’s okay, we are living in one the most beautiful regions of the Netherlands. So we’ll enjoy ourselves without having to take risks, since I’m not waiting for extra troubles with my illness.
    Wishing you a good summer with all that moving and travelling. It would be nice you could come to Europe, but it’s at least doubtful that this will succeed this year.
    Anyway, anyhow … take care, Jesh, and stay safe.


    1. Looking at your posts, you know where to find the beautiful spots in Nederland. Actually we were planning to come to Holland, to see if that would be our next step in life, but then we heard they re instituted the travel ban to Europe (unless we go to Ireland and get quarantined for two weeks, before going to another W-European country. Doesn’t seem like we want to do that.Thank you for your warm wishes for this summer, Jesh

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  4. Living by Faith for sure…It is difficult for me to live that close to the edge but I so admire those that do. Blessings on the next 6 weeks and always.


    1. Sue, thank you! It’s not easy for anyone toe live so close to the edge, like you say. But the more I fall in love with my faith in Jesus, the more impossible it is to live otherwise!


  5. I’ve never seen such a flower as that teal one! It’s beautiful. I loved your door from Tuscany. That’s a place on my Bucket List.

    I’ll be sticking closer to home this summer. It will be bliss just getting over to see Baby Girl and the boys this summer.

    It’s on. You’re moving!! Can you share where you are moving to? I hope the move goes smoothly!


    1. Our latest plan is to put our stuff in storage, and to start driving with the car Eastward. Arizona, Tex., Buy a house and pick up our stuff. That is, when the travel ban to Europe (Holl.) persist – so it can still change last minute. Crazy, eh? So am packing according to both possibilities. Have the hardest behind me, my clothes and shoes. One box is called “Pink,” which I won’t be taking to Holland (there it’s a baby color, not for adults). Hubs packed my 10 x 17 canvas in a crate, so that was his biggest job. Thanks for keeping in touch with me, because won’t do much blogging for the next 4-6 weeks!

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  6. Those Teal flowers are magical! Never have a ever seen such a flower in a beautiful color! Love the Tuscan alley that you shared dear Jesh! And that Holland dock photo reminded me on that half night I spent in Oosterdock on a boat hotel (Old and gorgeous) before I went straight to Sloterdijk for my bus back to Paris). Have a great new week dear Jesh!


    1. Wow, you know how to travel! And must have done some research before. Can’t even remember where Sloterdijk is, lol! That Amsterdam is only 5 hours driving to Paris we discovered when we live in the States, and went after my studies for a vacation to show Europe to our teens. We took them to the Rijks museum, the Louvre, and Musee Picasso in a matter of 11 days:)


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