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If you missed last week’s post, just a reminder I am in the moving process, and not be able to respond with a comment, like I used to.

Where and how would you like to sit most? Behind the computer or laptop, now other choice but a hard chair. When I am knitting, sketching. reading, praying, I like a comfortable chair or couch where I can sit for hours, without my back hurting: when I stand up. What do you like to sit on most?
Be careful when you sit in sand.
One time I was painting in Zion’s Nat. park, and suddenly while I was leaning to the right side, the foldable chair tipped over and I and my canvas went flying through the air, head first. Am glad only hubby was there, and he was very gracious, and did not make fun of me:):)


Sitting pretty, but a little formal. Can’t put my feet up here.



Now if you like to sit more comfortable,
this would be better, not to forget, enjoying more of nature…



If you don’t mind sitting here with your coat on, when snow
has fallen, be my guest. Do you know the expression
“stone cold”? -not it’s meaning of a hardened position,
but just the feeling of cold stones-
This would be “bench cold:)”




Or if you like to sit royally with a stunning water view:)


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  1. I am more the sitting outside when it’s really cold type. Inside, sofa is my favourite spot, mostly because the kitties can hang out with me there as well. Lovely photos! I specially love the snow sprinkled bench one.



  2. Oh what a fabulous collection you shared with us dear Jesh! I love benches especially like these that you shared. They are so dramatic and very romantic whether there is somebody sitting on it or none. These days I have been sitting almost all day if I’m not in bed and I easily hurt my tailbone lately. I need to add some comfortable mattress at the seat but if the views would be like those that you shared, I would never mind a hard wood seat 🙂

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  3. I would love to sit on a bench in a park on a cold day and people watch. But alas, it’s never cold over here! It’s hot and humid and I really would rather remain indoors. And don’t get me started on the mosquitoes!

    I remember sitting on a bench in Volendam on a cold March morning watching the world go by and savouring every second of it! I would give anything to relive the experience again!

    Happy Tuesday, Jesh!


    1. Hey Jesh! In reply to your comment, I don’t have the recipes for the two sambals you mentioned. I think Malaysian sambals are different. Over here, we have the Malay and Nyonya versions, both of which I find too spicy for my liking.

      Sharing with you my own version instead. Just toast a 1 inch square of belacan/terasi and then pound it with 10 fresh chilies. Add a squeeze of calamansi and a pinch of sugar. Pounding with a pestle and mortar seems to give the sambal a better flavour than using a blender!



  4. I love to sit with a water or forest view or paddocks. My garden during the “shut downs” was my haven, particularly when my ankle was in plaster or moon boot. Happy moving!


  5. Two days before our lockdown in March we took two old chairs from our condo balcony to the dump and bought two new ones to go with the glass table that was still in good condition. It’s nice to have a place to sit and enjoy the view of our natural area next door. There are birds to see and hear and plants to watch through the seasons, so far the end of winter, spring and the beginning of summer. I wonder when things will ease up, and then there is the possibility of a second wave to contend with. – Margy

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  6. I would love to sit royally with a view of the pond! How perfect! Hope your day is going well with your travels and big move! Take care and be safe! Hugs, Diane


  7. One of my favourite seats is an old comfortable armchair in the living room that I have appropriated as my own. Soft, leather-covered and moulded around the contours of my body. Perfect for resting on!


    1. On or near the water for me. Lovely shots, I can relate to sitting on a bench in the snow. I hope the move is going well, so much work.


  8. I like sitting in my ergonomic desk chair, especially when I have such nice views of all the other options you provided! Have a safe and successful move!


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