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On our trip to look for a house, we planned to drive through Utah, and love driving past the sign of 80 miles an hour on the freeway, haha! But even more enjoy the beautiful chocolate brown and orange red rocks, I love Utah for.
Scratched out our plans when realizing that it was much faster and cheaper for Hubs to go on his own by plane. I trust his judgement and stay at home, packing!


If you don’t like dramatic things, don’t go to Utah. Nothing is subtle in the landscape.


No soft gentle rain showers. It rains all day, and next day we see reflections of puddles , pools, flooded land underneath huge cloud formations.


easy to imagine this to be a castle



Utah is spacious, and the farms we saw were all big.


Like an army


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  1. Utah is stunningly beautiful. I’ve been there once and I agree: “If you don’t like dramatic things, don’t go to Utah”. Plus the food was delicious as I recall. Another reason to go [move?] there.


  2. Love all these Utah photos! We want to explore Southern Utah more, but I am waiting for the kids to mature a little more because I think they would complain too much at the moment. I am hot and so forth and so forth. Yes, I think we are going back to school in August, but if not then we will hire someone to work with Addy. I am mentally finished. I need to take myself out of the equation with her as she fights me on everything. The other two are pretty compliant.


  3. I lived in the four corners area of NM and loved spending time in Utah! It’s so different and like you say…dramatic! Hope your week is going well and you figure out your move! Hugs!


  4. There is such a diversity of wondrous landscapes in Utah. My first visit included Salt Lake City and Snowbird ski resort, quite a bit of contrast! Loved the sculpted rock formations of the southern part of the state. Good luck with your house-hunting!


  5. I love seeing this landscape through your eyes and bet I’d adore Utah. I hope the hubs had luck looking and it does seem sensible for you to stay and pack. I hope the weather has been good for you to do so, such an arduous undertaking.
    And thank you for being such a good blogger bud and stopping by and leaving substantive comments.
    It’s nice to see how you’re progressing, good luck to you guys, hope you find the perfect place.


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