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To all living in the USA, hope you had a terrific Independence Day!

The 4th of July is Independence Day in the USA.
For many years we would visit our favorite places,
and return to Los Angeles after dinner, and
catch the fireworks of Disney at night, while driving on the freeway.


Missing the ocean side (this is San Diego), and hope
I’ll get to it this summer. Always a joy! We would
celebrate July 4 at the waterside and in Balboa Park
or Old Town in San Diego,
until it became such a chore to find (1/2 hr or more)
a parking place that day.


What a surprise for Hubs to find this egret below a busy
board walk where people were enjoying the sun.



See all the birdies on the roof? – am going against the sun light!



© Pastel, 16 x 20, House on Pillars, San Diego, St.Germain

The pillars standing in the water, gave me  inspiration.

Can remember very well when painting on this pastel
at the waterside, a building like the one above>
A policeman came walking all the way to me,
circled around me to get a good look at what I was doing,
then went back to the Boulevard. Don’t know what he
was thinking,but I had the idea
he thought I was in danger somehow?



One lone Brugmansia yellow trumpet flower.
To take this angle of the roof,
I could only catch one of them in my camera view).


What kind of things do you like to do on your countries’ Independence day?



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  1. I love San Diego so much! Grew up there for a couple of years when I was a kid 🙂 Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos Jesh. Your painting is so beautiful! I’m just really a fan of your art dearest Jesh! I can see a big house but I also feel solitude embraces it so much. Not really loneliness but a good sense of solitude 🙂


    1. Hello Steve – I didn’t know the USA was once your home! Is that why English comes so easily to you? Thank you, this was a fun pastel painting.We used to go to San Diego at least once a month, to hang out on Saturday when we lived in Costa Mesa, because it’s only 1 1/2 hrs. North:)


  2. The 4th of July has gone but happy independence day anyway. I am so late, We have had stormy & rainy weather and it reflects on my mood. Hope the summer comes back soon.


  3. I’ve said it before I love San Diego and we now have friends who live there so would love to go back.
    Canada Day, July 1, was very different this year. No fireworks allowed and no parades. All good better to keep people safe.


  4. Happy American Independence Day – probably celebrated a little different than in other years. Our Australia Day in January usually ends with fireworks. Stay safe and have a great week.


  5. I like the “mosaic” feel of the water in your painting, Jesh. Sparkle, sparkle.
    The fireworks in your photo got me thinking of seaweed, which has now lead to me wanting sushi. lol Hope you’re able to make it to San Diego this year. Cheers!


  6. Your pastel work is gorgeous. Love the play of colors and perspective. You remind me of something from years ago– I was attending a meeting in San Diego with a co-worker and in our spare time he decided we should rent a sailboat. I had no experience but he claimed some and so assured the rental clerk. Just as we pushed off the yardarm boom hit me in the head and knocked my hat into the water. The guy on shore must have been horrified to see how long it took us to retrieve it. Then we were blown out into the main channel and had to dodge the big ships. Memorable experience!


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