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Prepared most of these posts a month ago. Had no idea school would be an “issue” right now. Am so happy another medical doctor is speaking up, bringing things more into balance.
Let’s leave the kids out of the political arena of fear and manipulation!! Kids need to go to school. We want them to learn and be the best they can be!

All these things below were not included in my time of Kinder garden or grade school
Was impressed with this school in Auburn, with the learning of very needed things in growing up, but also outside the school walls, in play and learning atmosphere. Went the parents of my grand children to school night and was pleasantly surprised to see so many other parents there!


UPDATE on the move
Going through the last packing this week. It looks like we might have a house (because there are so many repairs on the house, and the sellers are resistant taking care of them, we sign, almost every day a revision on the sale, lol!) Can’t say my life is dull:):)


learning about nature



Learning about culture and society
a sun in a child’s painting means a warm mother
figure present



Learning about self identification. A balance of valuing
oneself and others, and being assertive in taking care
of oneself, and having appropriate boundaries.



Not only do they have a playground,



but also a park next to the school. Clever city planning.



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4 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – FUN and NEED TO LEARN

  1. The issue of opening schools is a tough one, especially since there is a lack of data to guide the process. Seems that the younger kids may pose less a problem than those of high school age. Uncharted waters: what to do if teachers fall ill or there is an outbreak which includes fatalities of older family members. I guess we will cross those bridges in time. Good luck with your home and hire a competent inspector. Our home in Florida was inspected by someone recommended by our realtor and included some nuisance oversights, but he failed to detect serious problems with the air conditioner and the main circuit board. The realtor has an inherent conflict of interest as she does not really “represent” the buyer’s interests. I do not think she acted in bad faith but we found these problems too late.


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