How awesome were your posts, and pleasure to look at your experience of the season! I know what I rather do than packing:)
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This week July 19 am already gone to accompany Hubs (for 9 days) who needs to make a new deck for his customers” cabin. No wifi there, so I am posting for this week and next week ahead – at the same time. Have a great time!




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Am not the one who goes looking for adventure. On the other hand, am not overly careful when I spot danger. The trick is to know till where you can go, without getting in trouble. How about you, adventurous or not?


Last sun rays on this wild roaring narrow river, leading
up to the water reservoir. This town – Auburn – where family lives, only lets the river run when the water level is up to par.Otherwise it’s a river of rocks:)



We were across the street, on our drive back home,
when I decided to take a few pics.
On this side of the road with many corners there was
only the safety rail for the cars. So I walked in between
the safety rail and the barbed wire you see here… the cars were zooming by me not even three feet away, at fairly high speed zigzag-ing around the corners.
until I saw the sign DANGER – (something about electricity)
I mumbled, “Oops, time to get outta here!”



The grands in our family have even less fear. When I saw this  ladder me thought their dad wanted to make sure
there would not be any broken bones,
going down this hill in their yard..



Standing on a small bridge across of it, wild, but beautiful


This wild river I love is in Happy Isles Yosemite Nat. Park. Another angle of the view you saw on my watercolor plein air of last year.



These beauties bloomed there in the wild.



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  1. The rover is both scary and very beautiful! Love the rapids and how you get to capture how strong the current is. Made me remember the movie Birdbox. Have a great new week dearest Jesh!


  2. What a great place, Jesh. Would love to have a wander in that countryside, especially now we are in Lockdown #2 in Melbourne on account of the second wave COVID-19 outbreak.


  3. I enjoyed your pics and adventures today., I have been known to do crazy things like stepping over a safety rail to take pics – silly me. I probably wouldn’t do that now…..Thankfully I am stillhere to tell the story as the plunge down was a long way. Stay safe and have a good week.


  4. That intermittent creek is a delightful feature, but too bad it runs dry part of the year as this limits its ability to attract permanent residents and visitors. I wonder if it is an electric fence, as it seems to have a red wire on top. That Yosemite stream is a real favorite and I have enjoyed your paintings of it.


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