After five years we are going back to live in the suburbs. Will certainly miss the beasts of the field and the wildflowers. Not to mention the views of the trees when in my living room!

This week the photo link is open from Sunday July 26 to Wednesday July 29 midnight, California time

Just came home Sunday night for a few days to sign papers for the house, and then get back to the no-wifi zone. Am so sorry, I could not reach all of you on the Ipad, and especially the ones who I normally reach by email. Most surprising was I could not get at all to the .com-s, and wordpress people! One more post like this (coming weekend) and then hopefully have normal wifi connection the weekend next:)

Great to read all about your adventures:) “Talk” to you soon:)



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Will miss the oohs and aahs from my city visitors seeing the deer casually coming by



Most of the squirrels I have seen here are not so cute and fragile and endearing. One visitor asked me if the squirrels had not bitten through the car wires! What?! Was glad I was ignorant ot their ability to do that:)



No, we did not eat one of our turkey friends for our Thanksgiving meal!



Will miss these small but hardy wild flowers and never
refer to them as “weeds.”



A last goodbye to beauty and simplicity



Our “first” plan was to go back to Holland, but when we were ready to move, there was a travel ban on Europe. That made the choice for us:) We weren’t too broken up about that, not enough to go through Ireland and have a quarantine for 2 weeks, then try to go to Holland and have another quarantine (which  if we even would be allowed to fly there.) Our house was already sold before we finally got a glimpse we would go next. More about that later.


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  1. Moving house is such hard work. Hope all the details go smoothly for you. It is exciting at the end of the day to be in new surroundings…lots to explore, I’m sure. Take care now.


  2. It’s so “unreal”, that you are breaking up, and just going somewhere else to live. So exciting!


  3. Oh my goodness I think it would be a wrench to leave a country home with space around you and move to a suburban block. I know it was difficult for my sister. I hope the move goes smoothly and you settle in well and still have a nice garden around you. Take care.


  4. I’m anxious to hear where you end up! I know it will work out for the best and you’ll be happy wherever you live! Love the photos, especially the flower close ups and the wild turkey! Enjoy your day! Hugs!


  5. All the best for your move, Jesh. I can understand why you’re feeling sorry to leave the countryside, but city life has its perks as well. I’m sure you will find great ways to enjoy living there.
    Lovely photos in your post.


  6. Is your husband Dutch? See if my husband wanted to move back, he could, but at the moment I am not allowed to go to Europe. I am the only one without dual citizenship. My husband is going at the end of this week, but will not have to quarantine if he passes the test at the airport. We have some friends who moved back to Germany. They got tired of all the nonsense here! Living in the suburbs isn’t too bad. Glad you were able to find a place to live.


  7. Wow, you sold your house fast! Or it seems so here. I’m excited for you and the new opportunities you’ll have and new things to discover each season you’re in your new home. I can’t wait to find out where that is!


  8. Moving is always exciting.
    We are missing travelling this year but it is not worth the danger. No point in going somewhere if you have to isolate for 14 days, I would rather stay home with all my stuff around me.


  9. Dear Juniper,
    Well, that is quite a drastic change indeed!
    Wise for having first sold your home, from there you can go all directions.
    Don’t know if The Netherlands would be cheaper to live in, for housing not so I guess… For food such as fruits and veggies certainly better.
    But doing so you would have to ship your belongings and that is quite an undertaking; we’ve gone trice across the Ocean with all our belongings.
    Wishing you the best of luck with your move.

    PS Uploaded our book (446 pages) yesterday so in August we probably will be able to hold the Hardback and Paperback in our hands. Pieter’s intellectual knowledge all being preserved… feeling very proud. Lots of images and line art as well, most by Pieter’s hand.


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