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Update on the move. We needed to be out of our old house June 30th and at the same day escrow was closed. After that we went back to Hubs job to finish it, and then travel to Texas. So hopefully in 2 more weekend we finally will have reached our destination. Am glad not all years are this intense!


When I started blogging I started with these artists blogs that only told about their interests, what they did, and what happened to their art.  After a few weeks I realized how the “absence of the real person” felt limiting, so I started making connections with other kinds of blogs – nature blogs, people blogs, writing blogs, bird blogs, other specific interests blogs, and I still really like the diversity!

Once in a while, I talk about my own interest, and this is one of them. Maybe you remember (or not) that on my 10 x 17 feet painting the Wedding Feast ( I came to realize  after a while I needed to make a change. Below you can see why.


Am not for dramas, but this studio … just happened…?
From painting in my living room, I went to a 30 x 40 feet space studio. What you see is only one fourth. A half of the Celebrity Collection of 24 x 24 flowers, and the rest is a Series of the Matches Visions. Some are hiding on the side,
behind one of the three cabinets.



Before :
I painted on the bottom ten virgins: five wise, and five foolish ones. It is a parable that Jesus told about the wise and the foolish virgins. They were all people who believed in him
and waited for him to come back, as he had promised.
They knew no one knew exactly when. Only the Father of Jesus, the Creator of heaven and earth, did.



This parable is known as the Parable of the Ten Virgins.  In following up on that, I painted ten.
After a while though, I realized that painting ten,
would give the wrong impression,
because the five foolish ones did not have enough oil in their lamps (meaning: not a close relationship with the son of God). That was the crux of the parable.
When they came back with more oil, they were
refused access to the Wedding feast.

Since this whole painting is about everyone who attended the wedding, I felt, I needed show the only five virgins who made it to the wedding.

It took me a while to gather enough courage to change, because so many things could go wrong: the style of my painting could have changed, the colors could turn out different since the original paint had already dried up, who should I put in their place, so there would not appear a “gap?

Fortunately, the change was much easier than I anticipated.

5 wise virgins . “Deleted” two people and made the ones who were left into Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary of Bethany, and Martha on the right.


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36 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – AUGUST DRAMA

  1. That was a clever and amazing edit, Jesh. If you hadn’t told your story, we wouldn’t have known any different about the women. Very cool. Safe travels!


  2. A very successful modification of your original painting, Jesh. It definitely does give a truer image of what the parable is about.
    Keep well and be happy!


  3. Love your ten virgin painting! Painting is a skill I wish I had, but then maybe not as I can get pretty obsessive about things I am working on my poor kids would never see me or the reverse I would never have any time to do it which would be frustrating too. Happy August!


    1. you bring up a god point. when the “kids” were still living at home, My “studio” was a corner in the living room – to show them that painting belongs to daily life ….❤️


  4. Your editing of the 10 virgins painting appears to be seamless, and is a credit to your desire to correctly depict the wedding attendees. You must have been under tremendous pressure to vacate your home, and certainly are occupied with all the logistics of moving in. Protecting your artwork must be a particular challenge. Hope all settles down soon. Best wishes and stay safe!


    1. Thank you Ken. thought that a change in a big 10 x 17 feet painting was worth noting😊 Moving,makes me re evaluate what is necessary, and what not (too many items in the last category!)


  5. Beautiful paintings..I’m intrigued as to whether it’s a challenge you host and if there is a weekly theme? If there is I can’t see it 😬


    1. Dear Allison, Would love it if you could join us at All Seasons! This is a wordpress blog, so when you press on “Click here” between the red hearts at the end of the Post, it opens up a new page.
      Then you press “click to enter” to add your image! success with trying:):)


  6. Great to see how the changes happened, Jesh. Although I love the original version, I see why you had to make the change. And it worked so well.

    I’ll be back with an All Seasons post soon

    And happy moving – quite an adventure in a year when such things are hard to come by


    1. actually many are moving I heard. especially from the Bay Area (San Francisco) to smaller rural places! Crazy, how many people are moving to Texas. Every house has multiple offers and sold within days! In this state there are no taxes to have a business.


  7. So interesting how your painting changed over the time. I don’t paint like this, but I do go back and embellish with ink over my botanical eco-prints on paper. I hope the rest of your “move” goes well. Take care and travel safe.


    1. thank you Jill. this is the first time ever that I changed a painting afterwards! as f ar as I know there are no travel restrictions between


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