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Do not know if research studies have been done on the influence of the surroundings on one’s self-identity. In my case, in the forest it was more like: I am standing my ground, and I am sticking to it.

Here, closer to the city, or on the outskirts of the suburbs there is more a feeling of belonging to a community. People are looking out for each other, when something does not seem quite right, I get a phone call. Everything (including purse) is left in the car, with windows or doors open all day long. So far about my contemplative thoughts of my former surroundings.



In the USA, on the country side, an almost a different culture and customs reign than in the city (It seems in Europe, where I lived both in a rural area as well as in a city, the differences seem smaller).



Home- as well as business owners on the country side often have more stuff laying around on their property, because …. they can and no one says anything about it:) Sometimes it’s endearing, but other times not.



Also what I noticed, that there are often things around which for years look unfinished.  It is not only rusted, but you wonder “what” that “thing” is? That part I still don’t understand.


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  1. I’ve always lived in the city, but I do enjoy visiting family who live in the country. These towns seem to run on a different time. And sometimes I wish I lived there too. Take care, enjoy your week, and thank you again for the link up.


  2. When I retired and we were exploring places for us to relocate away from the Dallas suburbs, We found a couple of nice homes in rural SE Arizona. All the collected “junk” in neighboring yards turned us off. I believe we were too accustomed to living in very controlled surroundings. I guess we should have thought of it as “quaint” and actually picturesque as you have demonstrated! We settled in the mountains of New Mexico, where there were so many junipers and pinyon pines that such accumulations were hidden from view.


  3. It’s very similar in Australia. There are so many rusted cars and farm equipment around ..most wineries have them as decoration


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