My goodness, summer has gone so quickly, since I have lived in 3 different places! WiIl remember this one easily!

Profusely apologise I was not able to respond to your beautiful posts, if I had only your email. I tried to connect the one connected to this blog on the Ipad too, but it did not “take.” since I had already my older email on there.

This week the photo linky list is open from Sunday Sept .. to Wednesday Sept.., midnight, Texas (this means the photo link list will open and close two and a half hours later than when I lived in California!



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Many thanks for your well wishing and your encouraging and cheerful comments in this time of looking for a house.

Guess what? We had for several months scoured the internet for housing in the Netherlands, but when the time came that we were ready to go, the travelban from the USA to Europe was instituted in March!

That was confusing …. long story short, we ended up in a suburb of Austin, Texas, so it is a change from (almost) West coast to East Coast on the 10-freeway, after a drive of a total of 26 hours through California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. California is hot and dry. Here in Texas it is hot and humid.

After a week our stuff still has not arrived (no refrigerator at 90-100 degr. F.!), so we’re having an iced coffee from Mac Donalds each afternoon to cool off. Groceries and gas is cheaper here:) More to come about living in a different state ….


Trying to find my way back in blogland,
I almost feel like a stranger
after about a month without wifi
But for sure happy, because the wifi makes
it much cheaper now.



Connecting with nature is an easy way,
to get in the midst of things.
This tree with seedpods wrapped around the seeds
was found in Huntington Library gardens in Pasadena





 For you who know me, it goes
almost without saying, art comes easily too.



There are no age differences with art. so, I was jazzed these teens and twenty-somethings in my workshops thought the same way.



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  1. I’m so glad you have found a place to be now and I hope your belongings show up soon. I love the Austin area and lived in Texas for many years. How wonderful to have your art to share with others. You are always an inspiration to me! Have a good week my friend! Hugs!


  2. Dearest Juniper,
    Wow, you really got some rough months… That is quite a distance away from where you were!
    We all live in a crazy time and let’s hope that soon we will regain our freedom back.
    Hoping that meanwhile your belongings did arrive so you can finally settle in and go back to the comfort of things we no longer can do without.


  3. Oh my goodness, a week without your stuff! I hope it arrives soon so you can settle in properly into your new place. A bit of a change to moving to Europe as you originally intended. I wish you all the best for your new life. Stay safe, happy unpacking, and thank you again for the link up.


  4. Oh wow! I didn’t realize that you were moving to Texas. I thought you were just moving a couple of communities over. Hope all went well with your move. What kind of seed are those? Never seen anything like it!


  5. Best wishes on life in your new state of Texas! There is always an adjustment but also wonderful new adventures when living in a new place. I’ve heard that Austin is beautiful!


  6. Your new location is a real surprise! We raised our family mostly in Texas– El Paso, then after New Orleans we lived in Dallas while our children attended school and colleges. They were upset when we moved away because they did not have any place to “crash” when they came back for school reunions. I hope you settle in well. Austin was (and I hope still is) a nice place to live– it was not too congested and there was access to natural attractions. Dallas seemed to be pretty well paved over when we moved to New Mexico in 1993. BTW, I lost many ofmy email addressed in a computer crash– I mistakenly downloaded an old address book when restoring my files– ugh!

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    1. Thank you Debbie:). The weather is more up and down there, but I prefer that above driving for 5-6 hours in the smoke and ashes from fires on the windows when leaving California. They told that here it does go down to 30 degr. F in winter.
      Was only 5 years away from life in the city, but boy, it’s a big re-adjustment now 🙂

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  7. Check for a plug-in called Classic Editor which makes it look like the old editor. They upgraded to a new editor about 1 years ago and a group of us hated it. Activate Classic Editor for a seamless look and use.



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