Now I finally moved from W-coast to East coast of the USA, one of my last weekly posts linking up to the memes/ challenges I LOVE.

All Seasons will stay from Sunday to Wednesday,

but my weekly posts will change (don’t know yet how long) to a journal style with relevant issues of this time.

This last half year has made me realize “truth” is very important to me, and “righteousness” even more.

You probably know or at least have heard of the term “the silent majority.”
I do not want to be silent or beat around the bush, and speak out in my weekly posts to what I hold dear and right.

So hang on. In advance I’ll apologize for my edginess My professional colleagues have called me “strong” – a nice term for opinionated, haha. Hope you can see through the raw or prickly edge and understand
what message I am trying to get through.
Since all my time will be taken up to write my subjects, I won’t have time to do the weekly memes/challenges for a while.


During the 4 weeks we lived here this summer, since hubby had to build a deck for a cabin at 4000 feet in the mountains – an area of second – and weekend houses and cabins.
A very relaxed atmosphere with vacationing people.
One afternoon we took time to go into town for a few hours. To explore Senora, not far from the North of Yosemite Nat. Park, so the landscape was mountainous.



What was interesting was that next door, the neighbors were building a house from scratch for their daughter, son in law, and his mother.
The people here are so welcoming and concerned for others welfare. When they discovered Hubby had broken his finger, they immediately were ready to pray for him for healing.
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Delicate white flowers are my favorite of the roses
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Not a big town, but a strong influence of the  (7th Day) Adventists, as seen by their hospital and  and several health clinics in town. What I liked is that they acknowledged the accomplishments of the past.
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When I talked to the owner of the cabin during a lunch (he had come to help hubby with the deck) about the religious influence in town, he said something that sounded very strange to me.

“Where there is much religiosity, unfortunately also much alcohol abuse.” On our walk through town, I was finding out that was a true statement. When we passed several small restaurants with people sitting outside, having a good time …, after a few minutes I noticed they were a little too happy … oh no, they’re bars… at 2 o’clock on a mid week day?


This town had several steep hills. Having lived in a 3000 feet area, I am proud to say, when we reached the top of this hill, I was not gasping for breath, as I would have done before! This is a fire house chapel in the distance, at a very busy intersection of several roads. This was the only way I could get both monuments in view.
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This sky so you will remember my love for color:)
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15 thoughts on “TOP OF THE HILL

  1. Hi Jesh – sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

    and best wishes with the settling in after the move.

    A top photo was the wheel shot looking into the town..
    and alcohol abuse is not just for the religious – and I fear that many people might be imbibing more during this pandemic – and it can be such a sneaky habit! ugh – and prayers for all who get ensnared by it


    1. Thank you Yvette. There are times I’ld wish I would be more ignorant …. Addiction and suicide were the items why I was against the lockdowns – it’s an inevitable consequence of keeping people cooped up. Fortunately Texas is more humane than California, so it’s not so right in my face all the time.
      Hope you are doing reasonably well?

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    2. Actually doing very well – partly because my spouse and I ha e both worked from home (70% of your work that is) for ten plus years
      And then I had all these online small projects to do April through June – and Jesh – I am actually needing a vacation and some regrouping time – I might be the only one I know who was exhausted from the first few months of lockdown – hahah – I also finished a research project (woo hoo – first time president ring with the APA – and it was virtual this year) and some small projects – how to have a quieter fall!
      And sometimes I think of you with a smile when I remember how the toilet paper storage hit this country in March !! I remember you fun comment about it on one of my posts


  2. Nice shots!
    Texas is a great place to live if you can take the hot weather. God has us in California for now but to be honest I would rather be somewhere else.


  3. How odd. I thought I’d seen and liked this post already, but I’m apparently losing my mind. So I “liked” again and pray that you and yours are well and happy in your new place. Having people who will pray for you is a true blessing.


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  4. Sonora is a lovely little town with lots of California Gold rush history. Baby Girl, and the Handsom Surveyor are buying a house and land near Sonora. They’re closing in less than two weeks! They’ll be doing their shopping in Sonora so I’m hoping for several photowalks when visiting her.

    Your sky image is lovely, and I hope J’s finger is healing well!


  5. Hi Jesh, I’m glad you have moved and are settling in. I hope you find peace in the mountains on the east side of the country. I love the color of the peach door. Your feature photo, the yellow building with green shutters, is similar to the building I featured this week for TD’s. I really like the stencils on the building. Take care!


    1. Thank you Brenda:) Texas was definitely not on my mind when I told you that we were looking to move! But it feels there is a reason we need to be here:) Actually it’s not in the mountains, although our neighborhood ion the rural side, and on top of a hill, by the water tower. It is a suburb of Austin, Texas. It’s a pretty sophisticated city (like Los Angeles), and all the roads and freeways are so wide here. We have 3 extra bedrooms (for some reason it’s the same price as a smaller house) so whenever you come to Texas you can stay with us:)

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    2. You are so very kind to offer. I’m sorry I mistook that you moved to Texas. I’ve heard Austin is a very nice place to live. And, I’m sure there is a reason for your leading to Texas. I hope you enjoy exploring your new place. Stay safe! =)


    1. Mariette, Yes, hubby had a job near Senora to build a red wood deck (before we drove off to Texas) – we stayed there on and off for a month. Love Senora, which we had discovered that town earlier:)

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