It was so good to do a regular post of All Seasons, without the limits of no wifi. Was blown away with all your warm wishes for our (by now) long anticipated move.

Your posts were like always to be proud of, inventive, creative, didactic, and interesting!

All the travel adventures before we had done with our now adult children. It was a new thing to do them, just with the both of us.It was a nice transition of a very intense six weeks we just had gone through. I told you only the good things, because I refuse to let myself be intimidated by negative or difficult things.

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OUR TRAVEL WEEK of 26 hours


Just before we left California, it was like we drove into another world of windmills to the right, the left, and in front of us. Wished we had time to stop. It looked amazing with all theze windmills moving around us.




After the first emotional day, realizing we left the state we lived in for 35+ years, we had a good night of sleep in Phoenix, Arizona. We started the second day of only 6 hours to drive, and started with a breakfast/brunch at Coffee Bean.

My chicken salad looked good, but the sandwich looked a little thin. So, when I discovered that there was an Einstein Bagel place next door, I went eagerly next door, leaving Hubs on the patio.



Didn’t understand most of their questions, but came out, with finding out after my first bite, a scrumptiously raw salmon bagel. You’ve got to try this, is you know this bagel place:)



A few times we drove by these trains with several bright pink wagons. I loved the sight, but have to admit, it looked somewhat strange, next to the older grayish and brownish wagons.



The landscape began to change, to a more desert like appearance, with many kinds of cacti.


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  1. That’s such beautiful country to drive through on your trip! Love seeing the different cactus plants and vegetation. Glad you found some good things to eat on your travels too! I love bagels…and just had part of a sesame bagel for a snack. Hope your week is good! Hugs!


  2. Your photos were all good, but the one of the windmills brought back hot, dry days of driving through that area. I am just getting back to WordPress, and each person’s blog seems to have a different way of reacting. For example, some I cannot put the like button on. Others I have to sign in to WordPress again, even though I am signed in. Well, let me know if you got this note. I really liked your salmon picture the best, especially when I saw it in a bigger format on my screen.


  3. I can only imagine how emotional it must have been. I get so attached to places and things. I feel this constant tug between Germany and our home in Georgia. While I only lived there for 14 months, I miss my friends there and our little apartment. I miss seeing the fields as we drive to church each Sunday and the playground next to the river. Then when I am in Germany it is the reverse! I desperately hate when friends move away! I just had a friend move back after two years in New York. I am looking forward to going to lunch with her! Have a wonderful week. I hope you are getting settled very nicely!


  4. I took a vacation on my brother in California for almost 3 months and it was hard to say goodbye to it, imagine living 35 years on it. I am happy for you though dearest Jesh on your new life in a new state where you will be making new memories! Sending you hugs and greetings on your new home, from the islands of the Philippines!


  5. Interesting to read about your travels, but I am not sure about the raw salmon bagel. Sure is interesting being on a road trip. We’ve just had a short one this week too. Stay safe and happy new house!


  6. I enjoyed the trip with you, Jesh. That salmon bagel looks delicious. I’m not a smoked salmon fan – I really prefer it cooked – but that one would tempt me. I hope you are now settling in well.


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