Part of the city gate in Lucca, Italy
Thurs. Doors



Door in Old Sacramento with reflection of the street
Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflection



In 2 generations in our family we have only 3 boys,
while 7 girls. In both generations
the boys have been Lego buffs. The youngest built
this when approx 10, now he is 14,
the designs are much more complicated.
Timeless Thursdays



Couldn’t take the trees of the forest with me
when moving a few weeks ago,
so I settled for some
indoor plants in an open box: This one is
the lipstick plant from Southern Calif.
In the Northern part I wanted to purchase
another one, and they had never heard of it!
So, dear lipstick do your very best to bloom in Austin!
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What better way to show the tones of Fall than with pumpkins!
A spectacle in itself!
One Word Sunday: Spectacle, Makro-Tex: Fall Tones



In Dutch there is a term, translated “evening red” to signify a rosy sunset.

Sky Watch



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