Was really fun to view and read your interesting news and lovely posts for All Seasons. Great to get back to the weekly rhythm of All Seasons, and keep up with you guys!

The latest news from California, was Thursday when I called my daughter for her 40th birthday (it was weird to her as well as her parents!  She said that she opened her windows for the first time since the fires. Felt for the Californians. It means that all the time since Aug. 20 they have been couped up with closed doors and windows because of the ashes and smoke of the fires. Usually, people have their doors and windows open all summer, unless it gets in the nineties or higher.

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Before the little idiosyncrasies of this area in California, on the way to lake Tahoe, fade from my mind,
a few slices of a tongue in cheek account of some days this past summer on the country side of this state.

Californian Black Oak trees – we were surrounded by them in the park closeby. Started going there during covid time.



This tree has pretty acorns. You see them on the right side of the first image.



Will miss those moments of interesting patterns when the sun plays peekaboo in my yard



Real estate? Booming! Everyone from the Bay area (San Francisco)
is moving here. I hear her thinking, except for this couple.
What in the world they move to Texas for, is a big mystery to me.
My mask is vital, but no one will look at my jeans.



My last views of these pillars of the bridge
built during the gold rush.


For the 4th of July we kind of did not know what to do,
so we thought picturesque Old Town Sacramento
would certainly have some stores and restaurants open?

Underneath the bridge

They did. Actually, the people who were there
were not paying attention to social distancing or masks!
Not that it bothered me, since cloth masks do nothing to keep
a virus away. Social distancing … may be a little.
Bought a wrap-around skirt. We had some coffee and lunch
at Steamers, and went to the water side.
There, more people were having
fun, being on the water.

Reminiscing, it was a relief that at least some
people were celebrating the 4th of July. To me,
it meant some normalcy.


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  1. It has been such a difficult summer. Glad your daughter had a nice birthday and good weather. It does feel weird when your kids get ‘old’! lol Enjoy your week! Thanks for the party!


  2. We live with terrible bushfires every Summer here in Australia, Jesh, so I really feel for those people affected by the fires on the East coast. Unfortunately, it will get worse as our climate is further upset over the coming years. No easy solution…


    1. Deborah, didn’t know you were effected too by the smoke! feel sorry for everyone who was couped up -a month is a long time not to be outside:( Am glad the skies are finally clearing, and you can take walks (?) I vaguely you sent me a comment a few weeks ago – sorry, i only got back to blogging this week. It’s because I can’t clean up or organize right now. Hubby is setting tiles on the white plastic counter in the kitchen (the stains didn’t disappear, and I hate using bleach), Am jazzed I’m getting a big stainless steel sink (the ones without 2 compartments). He already has taken out two toilets (one because it was a child size, and the other was leaking). The shower was so dirty, that we didn’t want to clean it, so he’ll put in a new one
      Can’t remember if I told where we ended up – it’s a suburb of Austin, Texas. I’ll tell you the story sometime The biggest adjustment is the humidity and mosquitoes.
      Nice neighborhood, one already came by the first week with a dessert, and another helped Jacob repair the garage door…

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  3. We had to stay indoors and close our windows for a week here in Coastal BC when the weather pattern brought the smoke from California to Washington back onshore. It is sad to think about all the damage south of us. We chose to return north from Bellingham in the middle of July when numbers were increasing in Washington State. At the time there were no cases here in Powell River. In the last two weeks though there was an outbreak of 31 cases on the First Nation reserve with maybe one case here in town. The health authority refuses to give us case numbers for some strange reason. We are wearing masks and distancing so nothing seems like normal yet. – Margy


  4. That is scary about the restaurants, as they have been a major contributor to the spread. Florida just opened them up without restrictions for most of the state. We are still sheltering and do not see this ending very soon. The younger crowd is fairly safe in spreading it among themselves but they do place many of the older and most vulnerable at risk.


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