After our house was sold, I went with Hubby on his job to build a new deck for a cabin at 4000 feet in Senora. Actually it was close to Senora, at tiny Twin Harte. In order to expedite the work, the owner wanted the builder for the new deck (Hubby) to live at the cabin. A deck in Northern California is a big deal. Without it, a house or a cabin is not complete.

NB this post is one of my coming-out-of-the-closet-silent-majority posts, number 1. Then I added images of where I was when these discoveries took place, for the memes/challenges. It takes much time, so I won’t do the latter every time:)

At Twin Harte near Senora I discovered a few things.
Senora has the smallest city hall I’ve ever seen. It looks like
one of the smaller houses in the street.
Thurs Door

Grew up in a Christian family, but it took into my late thirties to understand the concept, that God was not only the God of the universe who had created the earth and everything on it. I discovered in his Books he talked about the very personal relationship of God the Father with his son Jesus. The latter told His followers, “I and the Father are ONE (John 17),” and “I do NOTHING without Him.” Talking about going all the way!
Jesus told his friends that his Father wanted a similar kind
of relationship with them too.

Coffill Door reflections
Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflections

So strange.
I had to get used to just the idea of I having an actual relationship with God. Then after a while, it dawned on me, this was not a comfortable acquaintance type of relationship, which you can develop or leave whenever you want to. To my shock, what Jesus said, pointed to a kind of a twin relationship. Since I have nieces who are a twin, I know they think the same, complete each others sentences, have the same taste, think about things the same way, their likes and dislikes are the same.

Me and my dad are tight! Sitting on the beautiful redwood stairs
hubby made. These are perfect stairs!

Oh, this was getting a little uncomfortable. Am used to make choices on my own, have my own personal like and dislikes, etc. If I would have a free choice, and not controlled or pressured, that would mean I would start thinking the same way God does, like a twin! Really??

(Dad handling the drill) “Teach me Dad. I want to do what you do!”
Timeless Thursdays

Something I discovered not much later, was that (Ps. 139) God wrote a book about me, with the reasons why I would be on earth, and the things I would be doing, and the gifts I would have (he gave me these capabilities, but I would have to choose these).

After writing that book, he placed me as a seed in my mother’s womb. From that very first day as a seed, God had all these things for me. At birth he assigned an angel to guide me in that plan and protect my life. Never heard or read these things before!

Why am I telling you all this?
In July and August in Twin Harte my eyes were opened to a new dimension. The first night in the cabin, I woke up. After I came back from the bathroom, things had changed. It was still dark, but I could see like I had X-ray vision. I saw not one, but two angels. The second one was much larger than the first one. I will tell you the details later at some point.
The reason was because the USA was about to lose their place with God. I asked what that meant. It came down to it that the USA would lose its influence with God, and in the world it now had. Many things that had started now, would get worse.

As I climbed back into bed I thought, talking about a personal message! That got my attention! This must be what takes place if God is really serious about having a twin kind of relationship with us.

This event seemed so normal during that night, but in the next days I was blown away that these actually had been things percolating a while, so I immediately knew what was going on, when that huge angel gave me that message.

What I did not tell you yet, is that I am one who prays for situations and people. So, what the angel told me was not “strange” or incomprehensible.
If you are not used to this kind of interaction you might wonder, how did the angel know he had the right person? How did he know it is my assignment to pray? How did he know where I was? I had never been at that cabin or in Senora before, ever in my life.

Wished the sky line would have looked like this when we left Twin Harte, but instead it was a murky grey and saw no blue sky until arriving in Southern California (Los Angeles)
Sky Watch, One Word Sunday

Meanwhile it has become October, and am still chewing on what happened the end of August! The heat of the summer is slowly fading, but the sky is still gorgeous and flowers blooming in my yard in October.
PhotoAWeek, Floral Fri Foto, FOTD,
Makro Tex: October, Nature Notes

Was only 6 weeks altogether at Twin Harte, but the concepts
that came together there, changed the landscape of my faith
dramatically, as well as how it changed my
priorities in daily life.
Now I still belong to the silent majority,
but am silent no more!

Now things are based on this twin heart relationship.
The next segment will be: What does it mean to have a Twin Relationship in daily life? Is is doable, or is it a dream?

I welcome any kind of comment, as long as it’s in a civil way:) Sorry I have tried and tried the outdated text of the comment section, but to no avail (yet).
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24 thoughts on “1. DISCOVERIES IN TWIN HARTE

  1. The father-son photos are a delight, Jesh. As far as relationships with God go, it’s a very personal thing, isn’t it? We each see God differently and appreciate His work in different ways. If we have lost God, we have lost ourselves first.

    I think the USA was a great country that used to be a shining beacon of hope and succour to all the downtrodden people around the world. The way it opened its doors to all the oppressed, poor and desperate people, promising them a new and better life was the true meaning of a country that “had its place with God” as you say. Remember the inscription on the Statue of Liberty in NY? – “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! ”

    I visited the USA several times about 30 years ago and drove around many states. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful people I met there – true enough, mainly in the smaller cities and towns, but they were genuine, hospitable, caring and godly.

    Now the USA has changed, and instead of having open doors, it raises barriers, builds walls and embraces inequality all over again. Its values have unravelled, its morals have decayed, its leaders have chosen to serve profit and they function only to further self-gain. People (mainly in the big cities) live for the moment, care little about community and others, and have lost themselves in the process. They have created a pretty empty shell of a body that contains nothing – no soul, no heart, no brain… Is it surprising that such people have lost God too?

    Thanks for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


  2. Kids are so inquisitive especially when someone they admire are busy doing, and they do learn a lot from those experiences. Adorable photo.


  3. Dearest Jesh! I just can’t help but admire the craftsmanship on those redwood stairs! Look at the edging!!! They are so smooth and so aesthetically finished! Those are stairs I would take shoes off as I walk through it! Thank you so so much dearest Jesh and I am super happy you get to link up on Timeless Thursdays! You have always been very supportive not just of the meme but also of me personally and for that, thank you endlessly! God bless you always dearest Jesh!


  4. “The reason was because the USA was about to lose their place with God. I asked what that meant. It came down to it that the USA would lose its influence with God, and in the world it now had. Many things that had started now, would get worse.”

    I’ve been worried about this. I’ve been hoping and praying that this Covid situation would draw us closer to God. I still pray for God’s grace and mercy on our nation. Also, I’m trying to prepare myself mentally and accept the consequences with trust and faith if we don’t repent and turn to God.


    1. Ritta, yes life changing! What so cute was how much the little boy wanted to look like his dad in everything! Can’t remember that of my own son – maybe because he had two sisters above him. How was that with your sons?


  5. What a wonderful experience you have had! How exciting! God is moving in these dark days and His people are rising up to take a stand and be silent no more. These are exciting times we live in and we will see great and mighty things. God is good. Loved your photos, too. The town hall reminded me of the one we used to have in my home town; just about the same size with the fire department on the ground floor and city offices above. It got old and rickety and was torn down. Now our city hall is a couple of blocks west of the original city hall and is in the same building as our public library….still small though.


    1. Can tell you are of the same mind, by the way you responded. Sometimes I wonder why he gives me these experiences. In my estimation I am “too old” for this, but then with Him there is no time:)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I love your city hall in Senora. I lived in a town north of Houston, Texas that did not have a city hall or any physical space at all. They rented a room at country club if they needed space.
    Interesting insights.


    1. Ah, Houston – I have been told that it’s only 3 hours away. I like the sound of Austin, because it has the reputation of being a music city. Of course because of the covid, things may have changed. The freeways here are crazy though, and remind me of Los Angeles where we lived before. Where I live is like a suburb, and have been told that it wars rural about 20 years ago, when the neighborhood we live, was built!


  7. Lovely quaint courthouse in Señora. I enjoyed your reflections and your reminder to pray for the US. Your photo of the flowers is gorgeous. Blooms like that always remind me there’s hope and make me smile as I think of God’s creative work in our world. Take care, Jesh! 🙂


  8. S0nora looks like a lovely place, Jesh. The guidance for our decision to move to Arizona wasn’t as dramatic as an angel, but I still knew exactly where it came from, so here we are. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this first part of your story and for your prayer heart. Prayer make such a difference! ❤



    1. You are welcome Janet. Good to know, I am not the only one who goes through geographical change, while it was not in the planning:):) In that, a relationship with God is very different – it goes via prayer!

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  9. Nice reflection on that door and that city hall building is quite pretty as well. With its double wide garage door it has me wondering if it houses the town fire station too.


    1. Sorry getting back so late, having been preoccupied wiht the new WordPress editor …. in Senora, this road where the city hall is on, ends on top with a very cute red fire house. Had it in an earlier post.


  10. Dearest Jesh,
    That was a lot of things happening in Sonora but I’m glad you had that encounter with one of our Angels. Yes, they are real and they watch over us, we only need to talk to them and call for help and guidance.
    Probably you got led to the East, for a special reason…
    Yes, we too, pray fiercely for our Nation and above all for all the people that have turned their back to God and cut him out of so many things. Still there are evil spirits that want to continue cutting God out even more and for restricting us further. Worshiping has already been impacted…
    May God heal our Nation and watch over us like never before!


    1. Am encouraged by your faith in the things that are clearly in God’s Word, yet everyone skirts the issues at hand in the last half year. So, thank you! All I hear is about fear. One of my decisions to tell it like it is, came when I complained to God about this. He told me “You know the solution. You ARE the solution.” That made me realize, I should not complain when I keep silent. Yep, you are right, my next thing is discover why I was moved from the W-coast to the East coast!

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  11. It’s gorgeous country around Sonora. My daughter’s and her family just moved to another little town near Sonora. They’re so excited and we are so happy for them.

    The deck looks great.

    Thank you for your testimony and for all your insights. There are many things to ponder in your thoughts.💕


    1. I loved it in Senora! Happy for your daughter:) You want to back to California? (just kidding!) The people are so welcoming and caring. During his job, Jacob broke his finger. As soon as the neighbors (also building on a house for their daughter and son in law)) saw the bandage on his hand, the first thing that came out of their mouth was, “Do you mind if we pray for you?” So, not only things happened with me, but also with Jacob. Hope what I will write will inspire you to being closer to God:)

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