First week of October, mes dames and monseigneurs.
Hope October finds you well! Many thanks
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I had much fun viewing and reading them!

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Was not prepared to find my edit mode “changed.” WordPress went over to a new editor. Luckily, they left the old editor on my blog, but still, first I had no idea they did that Thursday and could not get hold of this post where I had been working on. Next day I must have clicked on the right word,  and voila I’m in, and going to finish and post it!
Found out a plugin for the classic editor, cost $300 per year, which is to much for  my retirement income, so no other way is left for me to learn the new WordPress 5.0. I already checked and it is “complicated.”

Posting All Seasons may be rocky for a few weeks. Meaning the post may look very simple, awkward, or just different. Need to find out how to do my link to Linkytools, and how to publish the post, so please be patient.


The extent of how much Fall the trees in Northern California show. You do not see the turning of leaves in Southern California, unless it’s 9000 feet high.

Where hubby built the deck was two hours (driving hair pin corners through the mountains!), about 2 1/2 hrs. from Northern Yosemite Nat. park

Knew I was on my own, for he would work all waking hours.

Always excited to find extra time, and planned these weeks (since I had no wifi and could not blog) to catch up with my watercolors. Probably had enough time for 3-4 watercolors. Bought one 22 x 30 inch size of Arches Rough paper, and cut it at home in 4 pieces.


When I packed up our stuff to move, I found this watercolor palette, I completely forgot about.
Instantly it came to me, when I used it the first time.
It was extremely hot, and since I did not have it in horizontal position going back to the cabin,
the colors all ran
and melted into each other!

Never any trouble with doing that before! My new palette went in the closet, not knowing what to do, because this was a more expensive one.
Was excited to find it back, seeing the damage was not as bad as it looked like before.

The first scene I found in the back yard where they had cut up a fallen tree. A Perfect scene, but could be messy with this complicated background, so I used Liquin, a runny white paste, to save the whites.


My expensive tool was nowhere to be found,
so I took a twig from the yard to dip in the liquid,
and apply where I wanted to save the white,
especially where the leaves and shapes
of twigs and branches would stand out.

Then made a cup of coffee, so the
Liquin meanwhile could dry.


Next, I put a very watery brush with green, and tilted the paper to the left and then to the right. Then did
the same with yellow on the right side.

When it was dry enough, I took a very watery mix
of pink and red and applied it on the right bottom
of the paper. Tilted it like before.


Lastly, a less watery burnt sienna was put in the middle
of the paper. Voila I had an instant background.


The next day I pushed the Liquin with my finger off (it’s supposed to work with the eraser part of a pencil, but the Liquin did not move, so I used finger force).
After all the Liquin was removed, I painted the pieces of trunk, and as last the leaves and twigs.

In my haste at the store I had forgotten to buy Raw Sienna, Hookers Green, and Payne Grey. Shocks, just will have to do it without! This definitely influenced how this watercolor looked in the end.


It went all so fast, that I almost felt cheated the watercolor painting was done before I realized. I promised myself I had enough time, so I did not use the Liquin for the following paintings.

In reality, the watercolors on the paper are not as saturated, but when I would put the levels more toward reality, they looked not alive.



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14 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – OCTOBER 2020

  1. Your art is beautiful and I love having time when nothing else needs to be done to really get into a project. Love anything outdoors of course! I wrote my first post on the new blogger yesterday…always changing! It’s so frustrating! Hugs!


  2. I feel your pain, Jesh. Blogger also changed its interface and editing mode and unfortunately, it is not improvement… Very frustrating having to get used to doing things differently and unfortunately, not for better!
    Love the painting, the colours are rich and wonderful.


  3. The autumn colours in your country are glorious. Good to see you are putting your “öwn” time to good use. I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks as I broke my wrist, but slowly slowly getting back to my camera and blogging. Though typing one handed is tiresome! Stay safe and have a good week. .


  4. It was very interesting to learn about your watercolor techniques. The art is not as “simple” as I thought. I agree that the colors are a bit bold but I would not have noticed if you had not told us! Stay safe and settle in with the WordPress and relocation challenges


    1. Oh am happy for you that you were able to retire, and not have to deal with masks, etc. etc. Isn’t it interesting that right after you retire, you have oodles of time? Have fun filling it up with things you like:)


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