Last week I shared the discovery of a “twin heart” relationship. Not a distant, or an acquaintance one, or one  governed by rules and expectations. A big eye opening concept that re-arranged all my perceptions about him.Taking off glasses giving me a blurry view on things, and now I could see things in my faith in detail!
How it works in daily life, is not easily explained, but lets start with the psychological concepts involved.


The Lion Heart’s Chair

  1. The Father you had

That you are a believer or non-believer may have a great deal to do with how you grew up. For example, if your father held in front of you, “Don’t trust anyone. People are only out to get you.” Or, if you had a parent with multiple moods, you grew up being super careful, because you never knew what to expect: an angry, or depressed, or happy parent. Then there is the physically or emotional absent father. You could not count on him for anything!



How these people behaved, is projected unto God,
for he is a Father figure.

This little guy, then 5 years old is my nephew,
and saw him last in 2013, so he is t2 years old now.
He definitely has a great and fun dad.
Timeless Thursdays


The Door to his Heart

Back in the city, contending with cars!
Snapped this right before going into our hotel,
en route to Austin, Texas
Thurs. Door

The door to the heavenly Father’s heart is equivocally
opened by you talking to him. Just discovered this
after years praying “according to the rules” I had gathered
from people I know (as if there is another person
in between – mind you, he is a holy God, the last
thing I would want to do is to be irreverent,
or out of place with him).


Floral Fri Foto, One Word Sunday: bright, FOTD

Emma Stark’s suggestion from Glasgow, a prophet, begun asking God in practicing how to hear God better,
“Where are you in the room?” or “What are you doing
in the room?”  I know, an unorthodox method,
but I trusted it because she comes from a heritage
of three generations of ministers/preachers.

  • What can I tell you? It worked!
    That is the simple explanation. There are some
    things that need to happen with you beforehand though.
  • Your heart needs to be in the right
    (meaning humble) position.
  • You need to live “in repentence.” It’s an old word,
    meaning that as soon as you have done
    something wrong you ask for forgiveness,
    with the plan not to do this again, and not keep
    a running tab, of “Oh God is love” – He has mercy
    and he forgives.” You need to ASK for forgiveness
    and mean it!
  • You cannot serve, entertain, or have affairs
    with other gods or idols. People who call themselves Christians, but do yoga, Reiki, transcendental meditation, Zen, or Bhudda.
  •  God does not call you His Child, IF HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE. Sorry, a bleak discovery, but you can
    change it as long as you’re breathing.!
  • . Anything that takes God’s place is “another god,
    or idol.” Some other examples: sports, food, entertainment, education, etc. The latter are not wrong things in itself. Note, it is when these take the place of God.
    He is asking you to “seek the things
    of his kingdom FIRST” This is not my opinion.
  • You can read it very literal in his word –
    this example is the first of the ten commandments.
    He is not “done” with the concepts
    of the Old Testament. He just added the ones
    in the New Testament.

Why is that so important? Is God jealous? As a matter
of fact, he is. He says, “I give my glory  to no other!”
If you sit on the fence, trying to figure out how much
you can do your own thing, while being connected
to him, you will only hear your own voice and that of his enemy, the devil. Sorry to be so blunt.

Was so sad to see this one morning. It was a big branch
that housed birds. I couldn’t glue this one together.
Sometimes you cannot fix things!

There has to only come one big storm in your life,
and the branch (you) has fallen off the tree.
Maybe you say, “Oh, but I’m careful not to do any stupid things.” Sometimes you have no control over storms.
Could you have prevented Covid from changing your life?

Reflecting  and praying (not meditating!)
gives often insight
Weekend Reflection


Sky Watch, PhotoAWeek

God sometimes appears as a cloud or mist, making
himself visible to people. When you want
a twin relation with  him, YOU FOLLOW THE CLOUD.



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30 thoughts on “2. DAILY TWINSHIP

  1. Your nephew looks so adorable dear Jesh! Especially on that cute wheelbarrow. He’s 12 now and sure has gone twice of thrice as tall! I miss my nephews and nieces that I get to hug when they are little but not anymore now because some of them are bigger than me! But it’s cute because no matter how big they are now and how teenagers they already are, I still get my kisses on the cheek whenever they visit, well that was pre-covid. Sending you hugs dearest Jesh!


    1. Happy I took some extra pics, especially since I had no idea it would be so many years (and now even more because of the travelban of covid) before I would see him again!


  2. Excellent reflection!

    You said “reflecting and praying not meditating” and I was reminded of Psalm 1:1-2

    1 Blessed is the man Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, Nor stands in the path of sinners, Nor sits in the seat of the scornful; 2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And in His law he meditates day and night.

    Above the photo on my blog there is a tab that says “contact me” click it. 🙂


    1. Hope you have met the Holy Spirit on your faith walk too? It’s another dimension and intensity from The Father and His son …although to be close to God and serve Him is the basis of all … awesome to hear this from you!

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  3. Dearest Jesh,
    This is excellent writing from the heart and with a lot of soul and intelligence in it!
    Couldn’t agree more with the other idols, e.g. the sport ‘adoration’ in this nation is like in biblical times… Those are not GODS but ordinary people and very often not the kind of moral role models we want our youth to imitate.
    That fallen branch is a great eye-opener, to better grasp where in life we at times stand, or better said; hang around…
    So many people during the last decades (hard to put an exact figure to that), have done away with God in everything. For their own convenience, to kind of justify their own behavior. Life is offering so much in sports, movie watching, games and other leisure spending that they embraced fully to do away with their moral compass! It suit them better and gave/gives them full freedom. Yes, that is TRUE! Until that one storm comes along in their life and the branch will be amputated for the source that fed them!
    Especially at a time like we’re living in nowadays, you can very clearly see those CLOUDS.
    It is not the iCloud but the GodCloud that most have left. Anything that starts with ‘I’ is negative… It might serve us in one way or another but is not the purpose of our life.
    May more people open their eyes in time and return to the SOURCE of life and above all, the SOURCE FOR ETERNAL LIFE.


    1. Thank you Mariette. Started these kind of posts, because I thought many in blogland, have no idea that theses are actual idols!! And that it is a stench in God’s nostrils (like in Revelation, where he wants to spit them out, because they are lukewarm). Feel someone needs to tell them how God actually thinks about it. In the last decade God’s word is so watered down, that they equate God’s love with no consequences for not following him, and still will go to heaven:(:(.

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