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During our walk ascending, my eye caught these stairs on the side …


As we arrived downstairs, the intimate quiet atmosphere surrounded us. We heard people talking in the distance.
We veered off left, balancing ourselves over the big white rocks. Then we saw a little dirty stream. Above it, was a young father talking to his child. They were throwing chips in the stream. They were having a good time doing that. We wondered about the chips.

He was standing by the red door. It looked like the back side of a restaurant, because of the little tables and chairs along the railing of the stream.

“FISH LIKE CHIPS!” he called over to us.


Said to hubby, “I think he means corn chips.”

Then the guy wanted to know how we were doing. Hubby and I were looking at each other. It had been such a crazy few weeks. During building, he made one wrong move and smashed the bone of his index finger with his hammer.
After dinner he mentioned, “I’ll have it checked tomorrow.” Looking at the blood still dripping on the floor, I decided, “No, we’re going to have it “checked” now!”
Three and a half hours later, he told me, coming from the emergency room (they wouldn’t let me in as a visitor because of the covid)  that it was badly broken. A finger takes 6 months to heal. That was shortly before 10 pm at night!


Looked at the left of the back of the restaurant, and saw the bridge, and quickly snapped a capture.

I could tell the guy wanted to talk. So I responded, “We are doing good now. How about you?”
“It’s Wednesday, so my restaurant has off .”
I nodded, “Nice you have it still running. How is business?” He answered with a thankful face.
“We are running. Not making any money. But it’s still open.” Then he went on about the little fish making their way  through the little stream. Did not understand why these little fish were so important to him, but I nodded, smiled, and listened.

Covid has changed me in a good way. Am not so focused on my own plans anymore. Before I would have cut off this conversation long ago, not caring much about the needs of others.

After a while, I remembered, this was just a pause, so we said goodbye to him, and went back, traipsing over the big white stones.
I saw this wall, with the flowers and thought, interesting, the flowers have exactly the same color as the wall.

Just a thought. After all, this was just a pause.


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  1. I hope Hubby’s finger is healing okay. I can feel for him because of my broken little finger. It’s been five weeks today having it splinted and taped to my ring finger. The doctor called today to say my X-ray last Thursday showed it needed more time to heal and to keep it taped up. At least the pain has reduced to an occasional ache. – Margy


  2. Sorry to hear about your hubby’s finger!

    It breaks my heart to see so many restaurants and businesses close down. I pray that this nightmare will end soon.

    Happy Tuesday, Jesh!


  3. It is changing us all. I get so upset when i see restaurants close. And one by one they are – we are eating out but it’s just not enough for many to keep going on…so heartbreaking what this is doing to everyone.


  4. Ouch! I dread hurting my fingers or hands whenever I am being Mr FixIt around the house, Jesh. Of course the injury will impact on his ability to work and broken fingers are painful! Hope he heals quickly and completely. Lovely photos.


  5. definitely time to take a pause. Sorry to hear about your hubbies finger! I hope it heals quickly. Stay safe and have a good week.


  6. Dearest Jesh,
    So sorry for your husband’s finger accident… That risk is always around the corner when being a bit too active for a while to long… Hoping it heals well.
    It is heart breaking to see so many restaurants in tourist places suffer due to this Chinese virus… What an impact on humanity! Praying hard that God will grant us to move on as he heard so many still rely on him and trust his guidance. Let the good win from the evil…


  7. Some nice shots, Jest. I like the red door one. And chatting more is definitely one of the COVID upsides. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and speedy recovery to your hubby


  8. So true about your (infrequent) encounter with another human. I went birding a couple of days ago and ran into another masked birder/photographer whom I had not seen in years. Despite all the migratory warblers waiting to be identified, we chatted for the better part of an hour– about nothing, you might say, but it ran the gamut from backyard construction projects, camera specs, “what ever happened to…” etc etc… most enjoyable even though my bird count ended up in the basement.

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