In my opinion needing to wear a mask in public is being kept hostage by FEAR.
Whoever thought of the idea that cloth is a prevention of a virus goes back to beliefs about health of the Middle Ages. Worse, it has been legally enforced in 2020
to attend to this nonsense, or be fined..
In which third world country am I living? The United States


2 thoughts on “KEPT HOSTAGE BY FEAR – MASK

  1. Don’t worry, I follow all public rules in place right now, and I do it to meet other people’s worries and fears. i respectfully disagree about a mask. Cloth, or fabric has no protective quality to ward off a virus. Plastic or glass would be a little better. Actually, this kind of virus is more spread by contact of hands than by breath. Thank you for your comment and have an enjoyable weekend, Jesh

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