Thoroughly enjoyed your great and inspiring posts last week!
I apoligize for starting late the past few weeks (without my knowledge, until last Saturday I happened to look at the link list, and there was a difference of 4 hours! )
Slowly this week it dawned on me I had the computer still on Californian time. That was 2 hours.
What about the other two? That’s when I remembered the “settings” for wordpress might need to be changed too.
Sorry it took so long for me to get with it!
Next time,
when something changes, PLEASE ASK ME, “HOW COME…?”
It’s okay when I make a mistake, I am human,
and I won’t feel like you attack me, really not:)

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THIS WEEK I’m on Memory Lane


Between Los Angeles and the South border
of the USA are a string of very old
Mission towns. They are very famous, rickety,
and house prices are through the roof
for a small old house.


This happens to be in San Juan Captistrano.
Roses in California are very easy to keep for
about 10 months out of the year.




Some houses are a mix of “everything,”
it’s close to the beach, and
who cares if it’s a messy
Yet, with the climbing flowers
of Bougainvilla it perfectly “fits in!”




In another street we went to a garden supply store,
and saw this little nose sticking out.
Was so surprised it took me a few minutes
to capture this little one with my camera.

I noticed that in each paragraph the sizes of the fonts are different, but don’t know
how to change it …yet:)


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    1. Thanks for your uplifting words and kind concern, Jesh.

      Yes, I am praying all the time and prayers are the one thing that is keeping me hopeful and sane!



  1. He’s playing possom! Pretty cute little fellow but as cute when they are grown up. lol Love that pretty cottage but I wouldn’t want to live somewhere with such a high cost of living. Enjoy your day! Daylight savings time happens in a couple of weeks and then we’ll be mixed up again! lol


    1. Thank you so much Kelleyn, that was so thoughtful of you! Had to smile, because every other pic is food:) Unfortunately, I could not leave a comment because he has a google prfile, but tell him I thoroughly enjoyed his take on Berlin!


  2. I am not sure what the rules are for Holland, but because my husband is a German citizen he has the right to go to Germany at any time. No one asked him why he was there or what he would be doing there. He did get a Covid test, but it was not mandatory. He was however very responsible with all of his actions and therefore did not put anyone at risk. We have an apartment over there! His mother filled the apartment with enough food for him and my son so that they would not have to go to the store. My son went with him and he is also a German/dual citizen, took a Covid test, and is now living in Chemnitz serving a two-year mission for our church. There were no questions asked upon return either though he has self-isolated though really was no need to because there are no cases of COVID in our village in Germany. He took extra precautions on the plane by wearing masks, gloves, and face shield. I think the rules will be changing again here soon in about three weeks. I think Americans will be allowed to come but they will have to isolate for ten days, but that is American. Not German passport holders. Really, no one checks up on you in Germany like they would in South Korea or Japan per say. Do you still hold a Dutch Passport?


  3. I love the character of these old houses and gardens. We have an rea here called “tree street”- the streets are all named after trees and the houses are gorgeous old weatherboard houses. So charming. And the gardens delightful. Enjoy your week, and stay safe.


  4. Houses in all the pretty places are sky high now. As a child, we had friends in Santa Fe who lived in a big adobe close to the plaza. It was cheap because it was made out of mud and was on a dirt road and everybody wanted to live in a nice new house on the outskirts.


  5. The tiny house reminds me of Fredricksburg, Texas, not far from Austin. They are German-themed and we stayed there one night many years ago. Very quaint and interesting. I loved the hill country, quite a contrast from our home in Dallas.


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