Your early years have shaped your beliefs in God (The Edges of Clouds, last week) and probably now also have a sense of your personal issues in relationships.
This segment is about the ones who are so in love with their leader/teacher/pastor that when he/she says “Jump,” you ask ‘How high?”
With that your leader has become your example, your god, your solid rock. You are following him or her to the ends of the earth, so to speak.

Was too quick to try out some more angles,
for more of the doors to be seen. Was curious, because
I could tell on the style of clothing it had a new owner.

If the above sounded familiar, you are most vulnerable to follow Oprah, or go to a health retreat and participate in yoga, reiki. Everything is “Zen.” You like to follow a cool person, because

  • he or she makes you feel like you belong/ Everything they say, makes sense
  • If someone brings up, “But what about this or that?’ and you make an excuse, you are already blinded!



In walking up and down the pier,
 we could tell that this boat was the owner’s life.
On the 4th of July he was in nothing else
interested than his precious boat.
Weekend Reflection


Not only can a belief become one’s addiction, but some are addicted to A PERSON whose personality or teaching has provided for what lacked emotionally.

You may say, “But I don’t do cults or sects”

Toxic relationships come in all forms or sizes!

The most damaging would probably come from cults or sects, but there is a whole range of possibilities that can become toxic Unfortunately, it will often take trauma and heart ache before you become aware that the are indeed poisonous.


For some relationship with food is the strongest.
These California Rolls were made
in the store at Twin Harte. That
time I finally tried ginger …
t did not taste as bad, as I thought before.
Makro-Tex: Round


Most leaves only yellow in the Californian Fall.
Am still waiting to happen if leaves
even yellow in Texas!

What about that huge church you go to with that fantastic music, the incredibly entertaining cool guy who talks to everyone for half an hour, and then afterward you have a party with your church going friends at the beach, gossip about the latest horrid events, and drink some cooled wine or a few beers with your BBQ?
Life is good. Next Sunday you’re going with your friends to a ball game. The weekend next, to a party at someone’s yacht. Finally at the end of the month you come in late to the service, basically to meet up with your friends afterward. Life is extremely fun.


Even when I didn’t know yet what a twin relationship
with God was, and I lived an hour away from
Hollywood, I felt flowers were the real celebrities,
and painted a whole series of them.
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD


When I was in my teens and twenties no one told me the difference between “sitting on the fence” in your faith life, or really following God.
I wished someone had told me, so i would not have had to struggle the next three decades, going up and down the waves of the sea, and being trashed whenever there was a storm in life.

So I’m going to spell it out for you:

* No one and nothing can take God’s place
* not only pertains to what you believe, but also how you live every day
*you are not going to follow the newest trends. Only God, Jesus, his son, and the Holy spirit
it means your time outside work is taken up by
*talking to  him (prayer) and about him,
* asking God for the angels to help and protect you,
* your Bible is attached to your hip. Not your journal to “find the meaning of life.”

An illustration: For a long time I struggled whether as a Christian I was allowed to compose songs not with God as the subject. Now God is the only one I want to give honor to, because he was the One who gave me the gift of music in the first place!


Who is staring at me from behind these clouds?
Kinda creepy
Good there is a Sky Watch:):)
Sky Watch, One Word Sunday


If you belong to God, it means
YOUR LIFE IS NO LONGER YOUR OWN! That was a shocking discovery!.
Your friends, your comfort, entertainment, and priorities to get ahead drop to the bottom of the list. Remember, it is a twin relationship. You want to do what he thinks and what he does!

As a side note: Steven last week noticed that the twin nieces stood in exact the same position behind their doll stroller. That is SO MUCH of what twinship is! You are so keyed in to your twin, that is your whole world!!


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45 thoughts on “WHO DO YOU ADMIRE?

  1. Sigh….I didn’t know this was a post about Evil Biden’s…… I can’t even go there. I have known you online for a long time and this saddens me so much……I guess throw me in with the socialists. Trump is responsible for the COVID deaths of my Uncle and 3 friends. His failure to address the pandemic is killing people every single day…I could go on. Stay well…. please don’t join Nature Notes again. Too upsetting


  2. I miss the days of having a boat on the water, and now that Fall seems like Winter miss the Summer days even more. So true on growing in the curve of knowing God once we become adults and get seriously into it. It’s not brick and mortor, it’s in our hearts and souls. He is everywhere, and even in the smallest details if we just observe. Always on a growth curve, I am.


  3. Nice post! I continue to be amazed by God’s grace and patience.
    I’m not the type that gets overly enamored with people but I must say that I’m very impressed with the job that President Trump has done. 🙂


  4. Dearest Jesh,
    Just wondering what kind of air-conditioning system you have, that makes it ear deafening…
    Ours is almost completely silent and we just switch from cooling to heating, that’s all. No separate heaters. The BEST is that it year-round dehumidifies the incoming air so we live in a healthy environment! That’s one of the most important assets of having a central air-conditioning system.
    Hope you don’t have such a mediocre system that indeed is ear deafening and does very little for your well being…


  5. Jesh, the low humidity is NOT good for your skin as you prematurely age… there is a huge difference.
    And you don’t have to work the fields in high(er) humidity, guess you live in an air-conditioned home and drive an air-conditioned car too!
    Yes, cotton blooms pretty and those blooms turn into the fuzzy cotton balls:https://youtu.be/_6Y4jPf9W88
    The South has lots of little miracles unfolding…


    1. The air conditioning is ear deafening. For me that’s even more stressful than enduring the heat and mosquitoes. Sure hope the heat unit is less noisy, otherwise we will have to buy a heater. Can see you love the South, and many thanks for the link – I am off to it now:)

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    1. Riitta, don’t know how to say it exactly: much evil is exposed right now – suddenly from one day to the next a whole string of illegal (and evil) things come out about the whole Biden family (5 of them) like a Mafia family – and it’s not a smear, like Biden says.
      I don’t know if I can call that “exciting” – eye-opening and shocking, yes! Am not exactly looking forward to the next few months.
      Heard on Youtube from someone that many countries are now going through an election of some kind. Also, from people who hear from God I have heard that the election will be a long drawn out thing, and looks like confusion will reign for a few months.


  6. I have a long way to go in my Christian walk but it came as a shock to me about 34 years ago that Christianityis not a personal growth group.
    Nice post.


    1. Thank you for sharing that personal discovery. At least you are on the road upward now!
      I decided to tell that in my posts since so many who go to the seeker sensitive churches, won’t have to hear one time “I do not know you,” from Jesus:( Because then it is too late. Even if I could only save one from that eternal detriment (of course I hope for more:))


  7. Your photos are always so bright and colorful. The sushi rolls look delicious. I could reach out and take one. I do miss Asia now that I’m living in Asia. At least, the food and friends of course. I hope you have a joyful weekend. Stay safe, stay well!


    1. The Asian food I never missed in Holland (my mom used to cook Indonesian every other day!) and luckily I was too young to miss any friends. Totally different when I was 36 and went to study in LA. The summer next I was so depressed that there was nothing else on my mind than wanting to go back to Holland, the life, the culture, and my friends. So, I have an idea what you are going through:)


  8. I kept gone back and forth between your photos and your commentary. Both were excellent, BTW. 🙂 We saw some leaf color last Saturday but had to go to Tucson and up Mt. Lemmon over 8,000′ to do so. Well worth it as was the rest of the view. I think from what I’ve read that you could go into the Texas hill country and see some lovely fall and spring sights. Sounds like in spring there are lots of wildflowers and bluebells in particularly. God does scatter beauty of some type everywhere.



    1. Janet, just a curious question. supposedly you wrote that comment near midnight. Now I’m reading this, it is 4:45 pm here. You maybe in a different time zone, but can it be that much difference? The sun is still shining and it’s 1 1/2 hrs. from dinner and sunset …
      BTW I just answered your email – sorry it took so long!


    2. I wrote that comment this afternoon. We’re only two hours earlier than you until time changes (and AZ doesn’t), so then we’ll just be one hour different. Right now we’re like California. Not sure what’s going on with your clock, but no comments or blog reading at midnight from me. I’m fast asleep by then!


  9. Jesh, we just got back from biking in our shorts and it was 27ºC. Tomorrow 29; Sat. 29; Sunday 29; Monday 28; Tuesday 31… But the humidity now is so lovely! Leaves do start turning and the cotton in the fields blooms… soy beans turning yellow (their leaves). So fall here is heavenly indeed! 🍂😏


    1. Mariette I have to confess, having lived in a dry heat for more than 3 decades, makes any humidity too much for me to do anything, lol! Great you both are still physically well enough to bike. Remember seeing a cotton field once. When you say the cotton blooms, does that mean that plant gives flowers? Sorry, the South still has many secrets for me, and is Southern culture is the hardest to understand for a European mind:)

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    1. You would write more books on your boat:) That’s something creative – this owner was not doing anything than drinking!
      Wished I could have given you a piece of this sushi (California rolls are the only sushi I like. My family is much more adventurous in this aspect – have never tasted them this fresh – white rice with avocado, shrimp, and cucumber. Great with the spicy wasabi and the ginger.

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  10. I love the pickled ginger that comes with the California Rolls and sushi! I have been known to buy a whole bottle of just the pickled ginger. 😀

    The images are lovely! I hope you find some yellows, oranges, and reds of Autumn in your new area!


    1. Yes, I’ve been there several times. I was just there last week for several days! They’ve wanted us to come more often so they can get things done/unpacking etc. while we watch the boys. We love it!


  11. Dearest Jesh,
    True, so many people follow for shorter, and often for longer periods in their life some ‘fake’ fulfillment. It is mainly emotion centered and guess that also makes us at times an easy prey for those that abuse it. There are gradations indeed between cults and sects but the damage can be painful and takes a lot of courage for amputating yourself from whatever/whomever that caused.
    Love the photos and hope that you will find some yellows and what about the reds of autumn?!

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