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You may remember I planned to do at least 3 watercolors in Twin Harte, while hubby worked on the deck? This is the process of the second one. Kind of a tongue in cheek one, because I am not one of these exuberant ladies who go on a hike with make-up, ear rings, purse, and lavish attire. But to match somewhat the same attention as these tall forest giants,
she makes an impact:)

The wide variety of trees inspires me to paint.
I love trees because they provide shade from heat.
Love the turning of leaves.
Trees make me feel safe. They are like watchmen and protectors.
Just a few reasons.


After the watercolor of the cut off trees, you might expect I would paint something else. Maybe I would have, if at the time I didn’t have a window
in the kitchen where I discovered
a circle of tree trunks, right in front of my nose.
Alas, I could not resist!

They only thing that counts for my creativity is the woman, holding on to her hat, so it would not blow away with the wind, who screams unhinged
at the top of her lungs, “I loooove trees!”
Her shrill voice reverberated through the forest, on which the incidental passerby’s shocked face,
checking in every direction, wondering
if someone has gone mad, or if it was a figment
of their own haywire gone imagination



This is a woman like I, who does not go outdoors without her bag of course, as you will see in the end.
At first, I thought it would be preposterous to paint
a female would bring a purse to the forest.
While talking to myself Icame to the conclusion I
needed to be true to myself, for I would have
some sort of bag with me.
(You understand, I don’t have just one or two purses)


Here I go. The woman. Her purse on a rock, and the sky.

Soon, I think how to put down the circle of trees? Have placed myself, and my watercolor leaning against the kitchen sink, and palette and brushes next to me on the counter. Need to stop, because the turning of the sun.


Next day, around the same time, I get settled, standing in front of the sink.
I choose which tree would make or break the design, and put in some colors for the branches. Since I want the circle of trees being the focus, it will be easier, if I first plan what will come beside and below them. Design, design, design!


So far so good. Now painting the trees in the middle is a cinch. Then comes the next phase.

There is a point that I need to decide if I want this a dark, or bright, or light, blurry of sharp look to the painting. Since the woman is so exuberant, that should give me a clue.
Can’t make this a dark somber look, or a dark mysterious look.
I’ll have to go with bright, and the trees darker than the person for depth.

This means I may have to adjust the two burnt sienna trunks on each side.
These cannot be so bright that it takes the attention away from the person.


One thing that helps are the dry branches. That pulled back the bright trunks a bit.
Also, it added more depth to the painting.

What do you know? I gathered the guts to add her bag after all.
My impression: not too shabby, not too cute, Focus is where it needs to be – for the love for trees:)


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    1. Am still in “settling” mode Kelleyn! We both have high expectations, so after half a year maybe then will come the enjoying part, lol! At least now the weather is in the 40ties suddenly I don’t have to worry about mosquitoes.


  1. Oh you did great with the trees and no matter what….that’s where my focus is! I LOVE trees! But now, maybe there’s a snack in the bag and I love snacks too! heehee! Beautiful art my friend! Happy Monday!


  2. Lovely painting, Jesh (bag and all!) and I like how you included the stages of working on it.
    Trees are of vital importance and a source of beauty, inspiration and life.


  3. I love your painting and the process of creating it. Thank you. Of course you would have a bag – where else would you put your car, keys, water bottle, camera, snacks etc! Stay safe and enjoy your week. Thank you. Such a fun post!


  4. Love the finished work. It was fun going along with you through the production. I like the way each tree has a bit of individuality of color and form, so that, along with placement in the composition, they produce such a pleasant scene. Oh, and the purse adds so much– quaint and not “store-bought.”


    1. Thank you Mariette! It will take years before I have your speed of commenting on new posts:) Enjoy your weekend! The lik about the cotton plants was so clear! What I once saw was a field with the cotton, ripe to pic, but the plants looked dried out with hardly any leaves.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I mumbled, “Uh-oh, I think I might have awakened the wild unhinged part of Deborah that I didn’t know. What to do now?” After some thinking, I smiled, “At least where she lives, they won’t call the psychiatric hospital.” So cream on, as long as you want! haha Yes, we probably would have giggled afterward:) And don’t forget your make up bag:)

      Liked by 1 person

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