One of the many farms in The Open Air Museum, Arnhem Holland.
Wonder if it is a metal door …



Forgot if this was a door that opens, or a “blind” door – a door for show? Anyways I like the slue tiles surrounding this door.

How can you distinguish the real from the fake? You have to see if one (or something) is true to form. That means, you need to have an idea about how the original “form”/shape looks like.

Jesus, the son of God, says of himself,

I am the way
I am the truth
I am the life

What a bold saying!
It means THE way. There is no other way.
He is THE truth, meaning all portrayals of other truth, are copycats.
He is THE life. for there is no life outside him.


Unmistakably hubby’s distinct and classy way of displaying flowers.
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD

True to form, means once you have seen a few of his images, you always can tell whether it’s one of his, or from someone else. It is the angle of the subject, the background, the light, the color that are most distinctively his work.

Wished people would get close enough to God,
they immediately could tell something comes from
him, or a fake healer, deliverer, etc. because

Unfortunately, with fake healing, people are blinded to the fact that if they are “healed” from one thing, after some time another disease shows up.

“Enlightenment?” Not the truth. It’s the biggest lie!
Read Steven Bancarz and Josh Peck’s Book
“The Second Coming of the New Age.”
The first tells how aweful and depressed he felt
inside at the height of being a guru and thousands |
of followers of Facebook. Miraculously he became
a Christian, and apologized on FB to his previous
followers for deceiving them).

Necessary caution:
sometimes it takes many years before evil floats to the surface, and last few years the news has been full of it.
What is also apparent is that certain media and big Tech companies and news orgs. do their best to make people who THEY THINK are from the WRONG side inaccessible. And hide the evil of the ones on THEIR SIDE


They must think they are! Sadly, it is more than a smear.
That justice may be done. Integrity is a prized characteristic
that money cannot buy.


Hidden duck family and the reflections are too tiny
Sat. Critters, Makro Tex: tiny

This is more like it – splashes of water.
One Word Sunday: splash

Family Birthdays are the Best!
Timeless Thursdays

The love of a mother and father for their offspring comes
closest to unconditional love Also, there
is no greater love
than he who lays down his life for a friend.


LIFE – like it should be – meeting and eating with friends! This was last year’s Christmas celebration
PhotoAWeek – feet



A water reflection of flowers, found in Hortus, Groningen. Capture of Hubby. Am not sure, they might be Wisteria?
Weekend Reflection

The REAL may show up where you don’t expect it!

Have seen Wisteria at a fence, or on top of a gazebo (both in my yards), but never without a support, at the waterside in Hortus, Holland.


Have forgotten where this is in Holland,
but it’s one of many bell towers and a soft sky:)
Sky Watch

Like the bell in this tower, sending out a call to respond to Jesus, not only for your individual future, but for you in America as well. This nation needs to return from whence it came. Your families came here for freedom of religion. To build a new place (country) where God would be worshiped and served.

Turn back from your selfish affair! If you do not, this nation will lose its influence with God, and in the world! Hope you know

The beginning of America is the reason why God blessed this nation so much economically, etc. and made it the most influential nation in the world.



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  1. I love that first door. I do think that is Wisteria and I love that lilac shot. So beautiful and fragrant. Thanks for linking up.


    1. Thank you Jean:) It’s hubby who is the photographer. I just take pictures, lol. The beginning was very funny, he would be the last to call himself creative, but whenever we were in the bookstore he picked up a photo magazine.”It’s really strange…” and then he told he felt so attracted by the camera’s. Impulsive wife said, “Why don’t you buy one?” Even though he had in 50 plus years never had shown any creative instinct. But he loved it, took a couple of classes, and became part of a photo club! Never too late:).


  2. What a beautiful collection of photos and memories dear Jesh! And I really love the scripture you shared. I always hear and read it but it always gives me the same strong feeling about Jesus being the way the truth and the life! Nobody goes to the father except through Him 🙂 Hugs dear Jesh!


    1. Hey -you’re first:) thank you Steve(n)! It’s so odd, lately all these scriptures come suddenly to my mind when I am making a post and I wonder what theme to give my mish mash of memes/challenges for a week. It never happened before! I guess, it may have to do with this crazy year, in which we really need God’s help and support:)

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