Dear All -Season Bloggers,

Have enjoyed and smiled about your posts. They are so fun and bright! Maybe we could continue Fall through the winter! (Uh, on second thought, I don’t want to miss Christmas snow though).

The photo link list this week will be open on Sunday November 1 through Wednesday November 4 until midnight, Texas time.

Hope you notices, the link list was open earlier.Had the feeling some of you couldn’t get on, because the wifi was very slow all throughout Sunday. If so, sorry, hope it will be faster this week!

Hope you all (y’all like they say in Texas) are enjoying the Fall Season? To my surprise, last Tuesday without warning a cold spell (40-50 degr. F) set in, and was glad my closet was in order and knew where my sweaters, leggings, socks, scarves, and house shoes were. Typing the rest of the week my comments, with my gloves on!
On Friday, I finally put my gloves and scarf off:)



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Since with this new editor I can place headings where ever I please, I thought to try out this poem with this feature. Enjoy:)



that Fall at times resembles a child that wants to desperately stay
and play, instead of going home?


He fights with all his might, pulling
his mother’s arm, screaming
as if a hole will appear
in the street to escape




Like this fountain tries to persuade you, that it has so much water left. You can’t possibly think it is near the end of Fall



Or the lady who has been making her icecream through summer, “Oh it’s still warm enough for a Vanilla- Pistachio-Nut! Here you go!”

Hoarse sounds from the vineyard are heard. “And we still have plenty
of wine to give out. The end of the Season? Nonsense!”



I see these trees stretching with all of their might. “No way it’s time for winter yet. We have proof of that!”



As I walk around the corner, I discover to my dismay this arch has lost her leaves.

She cries “I couldn’t help it. I didn’t want this to happen. Honest. One big sweep of the wind, and swoosh all my leaves were on the ground in disarray. Suddenly, without warning!”




Am silent and look away, as tears start filling my eyes.
Too crushed to even begin and comfort her.
Cannot escape the inevitable …
this is the end of Fall and now
nothing rests me than to wait …

until the first green baby leaf appears in Spring. But HOPE … hope is never lost.



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    1. Thanks for the kind comment, Jesh. I wish we were the kind family that adopted Indy but unfortunately, we live in a mere 1208 sq ft condo and pets are not allowed. Indy’s forever family is my son’s former high school classmate!
      But I would adopt a cat when and if I ever move to a bigger house!


  1. I had never thought of Fall that way before, I am going to have ponder that for a bit. I always think of Fall as a golden age before the slumber of winter. We are lucky in Oklahoma that Fall lasts a good long time.


  2. We are having a cool day in Florida! And it’s hard to think about putting on long sleeves! I’ll still wear my capris today though! lol Love the beautiful trees along the street! Have a wonderful week! The HOPE rock is neato!


  3. I know we are entering my least favorite season of all. Not a big fan of winter. Did you guys get much from the hurricane? Thankfully, not too much damage here!


  4. I truly loved your post today, the words and the images. There is always hope, nature shows us this. Sometimes when I was working and had a bad day I would drive to the beach in my lunch hour and just stand in the wind. The waves will keep crashing on the shore despite anything else that might be happening. There is always hope. Thank you for your lovely post today. Take care and stay safe.


  5. Your final image is so poignant. Here in south Florida we miss the dramatic foliage changes with the seasons. The Red Maples sprout new leaves in late summer and heir old leaves turn brown and cling to the trees all year round. I think the precipitation cycle is an important factor along with temperature.


  6. I love the poem and photos – when I was growing up I was always sad during fall as I knew winter was coming. Everything looked like it died. Then spring came with green leaves and I was always so happy. Still am.


    1. Thank you friend! You are on the same train of thoughts I had while making this post:) We will need to have hope for each other! Debbie just wrote me the UK will go back in lockdown).

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