Not to confuse you, but to help you (till everyone knows what WOW is,
I have it listed as Alphabetic Word on Wednesday

White or Water  or Wish



On an outing with our son in San Francisco
On this remembrance day for the veterans,
the ocean at Normandy was super important!

Can I tempt you with a w-word? But if not, there are 25 other letters you can pair with Wednesday!
My dictionary has 14 pages of w-words. You know many of them!



Pair one alphabetic word with Wednesday. (Note: I changed it to make it easier for bloggers)
If you need to make a sentence to explain, that’s okay.Places and food words are okay. Same word, you may use
6 times a year.

Exceptions are the witchcraft words: warlock, witches, witchcraft. They will be removed.
Advertisement in links or images will be removed.


Would be thrilled if you join me with your W.O.W. choice!

You can grab my button and copy to your post, but it is not required!


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To give the W.O.W. more of a boost, am adding my normal weekly posts for some time underneath the great and fun WOW, and give myself a respite from all the writing I have done lately.


Thinking about last (election) week,
“how long will we count our chickens?”
One Liner Wed., Sat Critter



Too much ice cream at once!
First time of brain freeze – oh joy:)



My luck with birds, lol. At least I have a tire reflection.
Weekend Reflection



At first thought these were  bougainvillea,
but these have a different heart.
Pretty color eh?
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD, Fri Bliss,
One Word Sunday:Whatchemecallit?



Wordless Wednesday



Makro Tex: Lazy (for a painter, it’s easy to tell:))




With our older grands in Sacramento, CA – a la Steven Que:)
Timeless Thurs


Even the sky seems busy!
Sky Watch, Sun Best



Thanks to All The Hosts

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  1. Hello,

    Wonderful family photo! The chickens are cute! The flowers are so pretty and the sky capture is beautiful. Lovely post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day. Have a great weekend.


  2. I like seeing your daughter’s chickens. I have six right now. Well, I bought them as two week old chicks back in June and it turned out that two were roosters! Oh well, they all seem happy. Thanks for linking up and stay well.


  3. Dearest Jesh! These photos are so much joy to view, and yes, that Timeless Thursday pic you shared is my favorite! It seems like it was with a reunion with your grandkids and I love reunions so much and taking pictures together whether it be old classmates or just cousins I saw from last week 🙂 You have a beautiful family and everyone has a beautiful aura of kindness, which I surely know they got from you. Would love to Join your WOW Wednesday when I got the chance to write a Non-Timeless Thursdays post (I learned from All Seasons before that it wouldn’t be very nice for me to link my meme because it would seem a bit like an advertisement haha but I would love to join WoW soon!) Have tons of things to share but so little time lately due to work 🙂

    Sending you hugs on this coming weekend dearest Jesh! God bless you more and more!


    1. Hello Art, you have a huge blog and was not sure where to leave a comment! The Antelope mountains looked like Utah? Is it? Also my apology: the image is from the coast of San Francisco, but for WOW2 it reminded me on Normandy:)
      Please let me know where I can comment – thank you, Jesh


    1. Don’t know what happened Yogiabb, but my response to you moved done one too far (am commenting that the chickens are my daughters’)


  4. When I come to the link that you put on my Pictorial Tuesday, it has been saying comments are closed. It is Wednesday so that may be why…didn’t get here Tuesday. Anyway, the tree leaves on the photo you shared look so unusual, but pretty. Ours are mostly gone, which I’m glad at my house because the gutters were a mess with them. Have a great rest of the week.


    1. This is strange. A few weeks ago I had my comments off for 2 days, but not last week. Also, in trying to write you, I landed on your wordpress (didn’t know you had one!)


    1. Thank you for coming to my blog – Good for you:) These were my daughter’s chickens. Since then they have gone over to raising baby ducks (for the eggs)


  5. I got an odd request from you in my e-mail today. It asked me to buy a gift card for your nephew and send it to you? I think your Junie15blooms email may have been hacked? It came as a BCC so it may have been sent to many people.


    1. Thank you Deborah! As you can see, I ended up being the shortest in the family. Oldest Daughter is standing to the right of her dad. In character she is more like her dad:) Very dependable and logical:)

      Liked by 1 person

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