In Pairing an Alphabetical letter with Wednesday, this week it is BOW. Try your own below🙂


( H A P P Y)   B I R T H D A Y   H U B B Y 

BOW 4.

Hubby took this shot last time we were in the Netherlands.

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Image also for FOTD, Floral Fri Foto




Part of the views on our trip from Northern California to Nevada. Kept the camera clicking, so I have about 500 images:):) LOVE the mountains, maybe because I come originally from a flat land (the Netherlands)
Sky Watch


This tree grew over the rock
Sunday Tree, Der Natur Donnerstag


Wordless Wednesday



Hard to tell – but in my artist opinion, this screen was definitely more red than brown
in the Thai Restaurant when visiting our friends a few years ago.
Timeless Thurs. and One Word Sunday: red




This was on her birthday. Laughing (and half embarrassed), because she didn’t know
how to proceed (to spin the wheel in
Japanese restaurant)


Small roof tower (or whatever you call it) on a beach restaurant in Brown
Sat. Critters: pigeons, Makro-Tex: Brown



Legislative building of Nevada



Don’t ask me how I took this reflection, because I don’t remember:)
Weekend Reflection


Thanks to All the hosts

Wordless Wednesday
Thankful Thurs. * PhotoaWeek * Sky Watch *
Timeless Thurs * Der Natur Donnerstag *
Floral Fri Foto * Weekend Reflection * Fri Bliss *
Sat. Critters

One Word Sunday * Sun Tree * Sun Best *
Our World * Weekly Smile * FOTD *
Makro-Tex: Brown
Pictoral Tue * Travel Tuesday *

24 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. Nice pics! I can understand not remembering taking reflection pictures. You’ve reminded me about Thai food it’s been awhile since I’ve had it.


  2. Hi Junie, to your Weekend Reflection; I’m quite sure you saw the reflection and just took a photo, very fast. That’s the way I would do it 😉 I always keep the camera clicking, too – so I also have hundreds our thousands images…
    You asked me if it’s okay for me to use my photo of the mountains with the loading dock for boats for a painting. Nice of you to ask! You are welcome to paint from my photo. If you publish your picture on the WWW, I ask you to put my link to it. And please give me a hint so I can look at it. It interests me, because I have painted myself for many years (mainly in acrylic paints), but have now almost exclusively switched to photography.
    Best wishes,


    1. Thank ou so much – yes, of course I will give you heads up and display it with a link to you:)
      Sigh, my next painting needs to be an acrylic, to keep up my skills in that medium too. Never know when I can give the next workshops, so I need to be prepared for anything (a requirement of my own!). Great getting to know you this way! Jesh


  3. Love all your photos, especially the first one. Purple is my favorite color and I love flowers. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband.


  4. Thank you very much for your participation in “NNatue-Donnerstag”
    It´s nice to see you there,
    Warm regards


  5. I love all your shots.
    You love the mountains because you grew up where there were none. I love the mountains because I grew up in them but there are no mountains around me where i live now. (We have things called mountains but I think they are more like hills but don’t rat me out with the locals.)


    1. That last sounds very familiar. The few hills the Netherlands have, they proudly call mountains – I don’t think they even are a 1000 feet high, lol!


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your wonderful Hubby dearest Jesh! I wish him the best of health and so much happiness with you and all of your beautiful family! I am so amazed by the detailing of that screen on the Thai Restaurant, and as you said the color makes me double check but it really is rather red than brown. I’m kind of thinking that the red varnish on the wood may have made it also to the screen art. And super sorry dear Jesh I got closed on last week’s post but just wanna say I am proud of Boo for flying on his own at a young age! My first flight alone was when I was already 23 on my way home from Osaka 🙂

    Sending you dearest hugs and again please extend my warm Philippine greetings to your husband 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Steven! When you say “you got closed on last week’s post” do you mean the comments were already closed? If so, I need to check my settings! I have never flown alone, and the first time was from Germany to Spain when I got married:)
      With these huge airports today I think it takes some guts to fly alone:) Especially like Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Amsterdam …etc
      Hope you are doing okay? Have a great rest of the week, Jesh


  7. Beautiful mountains, I enjoyed the ones we saw in Tennessee a few years ago.They are so wonderful to photograph..and happy birthday to your husband.


  8. Was that Thai Basil? That screen was brown. They closed more than a year ago and I have heard it’s open again but under new management. We haven’t tried it yet.

    Happy Birthday to J from us!


    1. Yes, this was where we had dinner with friends of us. Do you recognize the views?
      Okay, this is the war of opinions about colors – it was ared brown in my opinion – more leaning to red than brown, much more red than the Van Dijke Brown, which to me is the true brown (which is almost black, hardly any reddish brown in it) You just made acquaintance with my stubborn Dutch side, lol:)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I do believe the friends were He-Man and Me. 😀 No war about colors Chere Jesh. I defer to your color palette since you are by far the better artist between the two of us and know your colors well!😍


    3. Yes, I wanted to keep your privacy:) It was greatly exaggerated to call it “war” and in jest, but if you compare brands of paint, they all have different names for the same color, lol. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

      Liked by 1 person

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