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This year we have been running so fast (am sure I’m not the only one!) that I have a backlog on experiences I like to share. Because it was the first year of this kind of July 4th (Independance Day) I did not want to bypass this experience, because who knows how things next year around this time will turn out to be!


After Thanksgiving, there is always that feeling of
“What now?” We never thought that question
would come up for the last 4th of July.

“What are we going to do?” We had no idea if
the stores in Old Town Sacramento were open,
but we decided, it was too important of a day
to just let it go by.
After coming up from the parking garage,
this is the first building you see. Symbolic to me,
since it is named after where we lived before.


Anything having to do with feet! The part that makes Old Town what it is, are the cobble stone streets, and old buildings stemming from the gold rush in the 1930ties,



Kind of macabre for a costume store. It says,
“Please come up and lurk around”


Surprise, they are open! Before Covid it was almost impossible to find a seat here between 11 and 3 pm. Good Mexican food, but like everything here, on the pricey side.


It was a surprise so many had in mind to take out
their small boats today. It was as if they had forgotten about the virus and have some fun today.
It lifted my spirit out of that heavy weight
many of us at that time were still carrying around.


This is what Californians do when someone puts restrictions on them, lol. No distance, no masks (except when in the store).
People are now so hyper sensitive, no comments till after the official inauguration mid January.


This Tower bridge was built in 1935 and is still in use. Also to let ships pass.



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  1. Love the photos especially the fun socks!

    Our government has purchased 12.8 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines that should cover 20% of our population. I pray that this is the answer to our prayers at long last.

    Stay safe, Jesh!


  2. I enjoyed your fun post today, especially the socks on the door!. I am glad you are starting to feel some of the weight being lifted, but we still need to be so diligent. Have a great week, stay safe, and thank you again!


  3. Great shots, Jesh. We are happily over the second wave of COVID here in Victoria, with 0 Cases and O Deaths in about 30 days. Things are almost back to normal, but we still wear masks indoors (shopping centres, places where people gather and confined public spaces). Hopefully a vaccine will get rid fo this virus for good!
    PS: Thanks for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme. I try to leave a comment there, but I always find that the comments are closed.


  4. Sorry, Deborah – Ow, too bad for your grandson – maybe it’s a covid thing. The stories have gotten worse after we moved to TEXas …


  5. I thought California was one of the states with the worse numbers? I don’t understand that at all, We didn’t get mandated masks in NSW – every dr I know thinks that’s a mistake. Even at 0 locally transmitted cases people are still wearing masks, though it is getting less with each day (a dr friend has also told me THAT will be our downfall).
    In more cheery comments, the plague dr has become very prevalient here too, in fashion shops there’s often one, and for halloween it seemed to be the humorous choice for adults…


  6. Looks like my kind of place to poke about. Can’t believe people are so cavalier about distancing and masks. I’d rather be safe than sorry.


    1. Now I think of it, have you heard of the the blogger (Chedcurtain) who you sent the persimmons to as well (Wisconsin)? You are going to be known as the Persimmons lady, Susie:):)


  7. Hi Jesh, Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Are you in Texas now? Since you posted of Old Sac I was a little confused of your whereabouts. Sorry I’ve been absent from blogging but trying to catch up on life with the pandemic throwing roadblocks in physical and psychic ways. Hope you and yours are well and staying safe!


    1. Gordon, I thought i had gotten back to you – but somehow it does not appear in the comment section! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Texas is very different in weather, and in appearance. Of course I am back to suburb life. Throughout the week I see many more people than in Pioneer. We live in the two story house, but I don’t mind the stairs. I miss the trees and the privacy though (in one way), but it is nice hubby is not so strapped all the time in taking care to make the grounds look taken care of. So, we’re good and still adjusting to the “culture” here:)

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