NO WOW LINKY IN DECEMBER.. Will resume Mid- January:)


Crazy to think that it was not that long ago the the white
and pink dogwood trees were blooming
FOTD, Floral Friday Foto



Fine cracks in the post on which the branch rests, so no worry yet.
The bark of the branch reveals multiple cracks,
but that gives it character:)


Still in Memory Lane, it was not that long ago that my kids
proudly showed me the first or second place medal,
or honorable mention. Now it’s Peach, one of my grands!
Timeless Thursday
Weekly Smile



This is the prep of decorating the tree and window of my last Christmas
in the forest of Northern California.
I considered it a fun and big job.
Next to decorating the tree, the window (which takes up
the length of the living room) is also decorated with these
marionettes and stars, horses and angels.
So here’s some apple cider to keep me comfortable.
One Word Sunday: Seasonal


It is the biggest feast of the year, and presents are
– or should not be – the highlight of the year, but
the celebration of the birthday of the king,
who left his heavenly palace to save us
from eternal hell. I see the decorations as
a way to honor him, like you do
to celebrate a family member.

Always like to get past unpacking the boxes as quick
as I can. Everything put on the dining table,
to see what I have, and where it fits.


These fabric balls I reserve for the bottom of the tree,
so if one of my grands brush against the tree in play,
we wont have a broken ball and a guilty sad face.



Even before the decorations come on the tree, I unwrap
the wreath, and hang it on the door. I like a festive welcome
sign. Because I am shorter, this was the only way
I could manage to capture the door, reflection
and the wreath. (it looks kind of out of wack,
but it is nicely oval in reality:))
Weekend Reflection



Wordless Wednesday.



When I return back to the living room I look outside at the trees.
Love when the sun is shining in midst of winter.
Sky Watch, Der Natur Donnerstag



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  1. The wreath is my favorite decoration now too! But it’s such fun to open those tubs of decorations and find all those treasures! You have some pretty things to enjoy and a cutie Peach with her medal! Enjoy your evening!


  2. Dearest Jesh,
    When having had to move several times from South to North and also across the Ocean, you kind of minimalize this decorating thing.
    We never have adhered to it as it takes away from the pure, Christian meaning! As does the overly commercial Christmas…


    1. Dear Mariette, it may be different when the kids ask can we have a tree? Etc. That’s how it actually started with us! It’s not a big thing, but a celebration is a feast, eh?


    1. I do miss them coming to our house but Baby Girl and the Handsome Surveyor have 6 kids between them. It’s easier for us to go to their house. I don’t have rooms for everyone and we stay in #1 grandson’s room when at their house.


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