It is a rare meme/challenge that has so many topnotch photographers
and successful niches on board.
Can’t tell you how proud I am to host you guys!
My thought is that the biggest part of 
the adjustment lays behind me,
since this week I finally got back to painting!
The link list is open from
Sunday December 6 to Wednesday December 9, midnight Texas time




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First the weather aka season.
Fall looks somewhat similar
 to the previous area in North California,
provided one is not living at 3000 feet
like we did. This is the extent of Fall.
Leaves turn while they fall off:(



Had to scrape these leaves together
to make it look like anything! The good side
is I don’t have to rake the leaves.



They have here the strangest street names,
like FM 45. This is the Highway of
the State Capital of Texas, talking about space…
it must be true that every(many)things
in Texas is/are big! Part of the image,
also seen below,
is blown up to show you something.


We encountered several cyclists,
and people also parked
to go to the river below.
Someone decorated a small bush
as a Christmas tree …


The houses are definitely different
from California. The roofs all go to one point
in the center. Many houses have a
mixture of brick as well as wood outside.
The houses look bigger from the outside,
but it is an optical illusion!


Took more pics of the one hour
we drove on this highway, but have to
retake them since there is
something going on with my images on Iphoto..

We were on our way to a 
 a venue for weddings and events, which
temporarily houses a church..
Looks like Texans have expensive taste.


Got to admit, i did not hear much of the sermon.
Was too much in awe with looking up at the ceiling
and and the lights!




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  1. Oh these photos give me so much comfort dearest Jesh! The falling leaves and the golden foliage are something that forever amazes me since I have never experienced Autumn, I missed commenting on the post you shared for Timeless Thursdays dearest Jesh so I hope you can just send my virtual hugs to Peach! So proud of our youngsters who achieve so much 🙂 Sending out hugs to Texas from the Philippines! (Texs was once named by some Spaniards as Nueva Filipina or New Philippines)


    1. Hey Steve, this is my “test’ to see if you’ll see this too on your blog. Sorry, time got away from me to comment you on my email, and I can tell am getting older, and not as prompt as I used to be.Wow, had no idea, about Texas being seen as the New Philippines! I know Peach will be jazzed to get a virtual hug! Part of the reason was to let time go is I was painting a pastel – Look this coming weekend on All Seasons when I explain the process:) Hope you are doing well, Nearing the end of the semester, you must be very busy. Hope you do well in all your assignments and work:):)


  2. Interesting the differences you say from California homes to Texas, and the street numbers. I’m sure Ohio is very different too. Houses have certainly changed over the years from when I was young from very small, to mid, and now everyone builds big houses with way too many rooms for size of families. But is the trend now. I remember in maybe the 70’s or 80’s..we were told to build smaller and use less electricity. Probably the 70’s because I remember being very cold at work because everyone was to keep their thermastats turned low. Life just goes round and round as my mom use to say…things in my world made appearances similar to when she was young. Happy Tuesday.


  3. Here is a bit of history for you. FM roads are Farm to Market roads, a part of the Texas highway system began in the late 1940s to help farmers transport their produce to the towns to sell it in the markets there.
    Have a wonderful day!


  4. I would have been looking up too at those amazing lights! Love the trees decorated along the highway. We see some here in Florida on the backroads sometimes. Enjoy your week sweet lady! Thanks for the party!


    1. Decorated trees along the way side does not surprise me in Florida. It would not surprise me if the people in both states are kind of similar (in character)?


  5. Those chandeliers are mesmerizing! I’ve never seen anything like them all in a row like that–wow!
    We’ve had snow a few times already and hopefully, this will continue to be a snowy winter as our summer was too hot and dry with drought. The snow melts quickly when the sun shines here.


  6. I would be distracted too! We don’t have fall here, as our trees are evergreen, though they do tend to shed little by little continually. Enjoy fall but don’t fall, and have a great week, Stay safe!


  7. Glad to hear you are settling in and getting back to your painting. We lived at 7000 feet elevation in New Mexico and it was quite a change to move to 8 feet above sea level in Florida. I must admit that I miss the seasonal changes. In Florida it is either hot and wet or warm and dry. We are just entering the dry season and indeed it is pleasant, especially without the threat of hurricanes.


    1. Thank you! – that it’s similar to Europe had not even occurred to me yet, because in the Netherlands have a roof that comes out to a point all the way from front to back, and not only in the center.:)


    1. Thank you Debbie. This time it took a long longer than the previous times I moved. Covid may also have had to do with it, and when we left California, the smoke and ashes were in the air for about 6 hours until we reached California.It puts one on edge. But that is now the past!


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