All is at rest. We wait for winter.

Wordless Wednesday, Der Natur Donnerstag


In the summer we took some trips back and forth
between where we lived and Senora where Hubs was
building a deck. An area where the towns are
from before the 1950.
Much has been built afterward,
but one some buildings one could see,
were of a  a different, more restful time.
Where shopping meant “looking for antiques!”
One Word Sun – historical


Undoubtedly a newer rendition for looking
for antiques! Super cute doors.
Cleverly, the left for down stairs.
The right for upstairs.
The doors of the buildings are also
in Dan Antion’s “Thursday Doors.” Look him up!
A great variety of doors, as well of the participants.


Rest does not mean: no activity.
Rest means, peace of mind. Things will turn
out to be all right.
I can do this.
Do you see the giant feathers in his
yard? They are as tall or taller than his studio:)
Sun Tree



The same for a business (pre-covid). A whole lot of work
may be done behind these doors and windows.
But the ones working there with the sweat on their brow,
still can say “All is at rest with me.”

In the right door the most obvious reflection
is of the sun and shadow
on stairs in the street.
Weekend Reflection


Our move also had its sweet sides. Found this Photo frame
and cut the image to size, and sits on my desk now.
The elderly couple were my spiritual parents,
and the person I am now, I thank largely to them.
The young couple in the back with the baby, were
instrumental in our move to Texas.
We looked them up after 40 years,
and had a joyful reunion at Thanksgiving.
Back then Hubs took this. I am on the right,
looking totally different from now.
Timeless Thursdays, Makro Tex: Decor



All is at rest may indicate waiting. I am waiting for spring
to come, and I can capture whatever flower I see!
Floral Friday Foto, FOTD




The clouds seem to be knitting a pattern while
being up there in the sky.
Sky Watch



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12 thoughts on “ALL IS AT REST

  1. Love the photo of the antique shop. Nothing like looking through a bit of history. Thank you for linking up.


  2. Lovely shots Jesh! I am waiting for spring too and past covid time, when I can again go to museums and perhaps to some charming antique shop as in your photo! But we must be patient, no other remedy. Wishing you a wonderful 3rd Advent.


  3. I love “All is at rest.” That’s exactly what we need to do right now instead of worrying about this and that.


  4. I love your thoughts on the important people in your life too. And I need to understand the ‘resting’ so that I can deal with my headaches. It’s sunny here today….maybe I’ll sit outside for a bit! Holiday hugs!


  5. Hello Jesh the painter 🙂
    So wonderful to read that you have finished the pastel of the Hallstatt lake and that you enjoyed it! and it ! I’m very curious to see your artwork!
    Great photos, I especially love the image of the antiques-shop on the third photo and the pattern-knitting clouds.
    Have a good tiime,
    Traude (aka Rose ;-))


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